By Brian

As much as I hate Andrew Anglin, I subjectively get the whole concept of the Daily Stormer and it’s satirical style of comedy. Having humor is a must in life – especially in our struggle, where the reality of the world can negatively consume the best of us at times. I also understand that humor can be used as a tool for attracting the youth and “newbies” into our line of thought.

That being said, when do the jokes at Daily Stormer ever take a backseat? It appears never. Anything and everything is a joke to “Andre”. Whether it’s stories in the “Race War” section about the rape and murder of our people, or the latest Donald Trump tweet. To him, our survival is just one big joke all around.
Does someone of this mindset and immaturity deserve to be the head of the most well-known “Pro-White” website? Make no mistake – Anglin has a large volume of influence over most of his readers and followers – especially the youth. Anyone who mildly criticizes him or his ideas is attacked from all angles and/or banned permanently from the site.
Today on the Daily Stormer’s 1,488th day online, Anglin outdid himself once again. He wrote an article celebrating the day by discussing the meaning of the 14/88. This time, he went after his arch enemy, as always – White women!
Now I won’t delve into the whole psychology of why he hates White women. Whether he has Mommy issues or could never attract a decent White gal due to his minuscule height and arrogance is up for debate.
Anyone who knows anything about “Andre” is well aware of the fact that he is VERY fond of Asian women – who are more on his level (of height and soul). He’s even lived in South East Asia for years before supposedly becoming Pro-White. He does not deny nor show remorse for his race-mixing “past” and even encourages race-mixing as long as there are no mongrels produced. That would be like supporting homosexuals as long as they practice “safe sex” and don’t share meth needles.
Here’s the quote I’m referring to in his article,
“Remember there are the first 14 words:

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

But there are the other 14 words:

Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.

This is why there is one place where I keep getting called a white knight, but I’m sticking to it: hit her in the stomach, not the face.

Which is also the third set of 14 words:

Hit her in the stomach, not the face – so she looks nice at dinner.

We want our women looking nice.”

Anglin never misses an opportunity to joke around like a Jew comedian and attack White women. He not only disrespects the work and memory of David Lane but spits on our White sisters at every chance he gets. The only living beings on Earth who can continue our race are our women! David Lane understood the importance of this and how only 2% of the Earth’s population are White women of child-bearing age.

Thankfully, it’s highly unlikely any of those child-bearing women will  produce with a “man” such as Anglin. We don’t need anymore of his kind.

In his article, he says the 14 Words are just a “meme” but to us TRUE White Nationalists, the 14 Words are sacred and a way of life!