Billy Roper’s ‘The Balk’ – A Review


The Balk is available here.

“According to a report from the Center for Immigration Studies, for every two immigrants admitted to the United States between 2000 and 2014 only one job was added – a 2:1 ratio – See more at:”

The above passage comes from page 47 of ‘The Balk’ by Billy Roper. It’s an example of the many references to credible, compelling studies and statistics. Why is Balkanization worth learning more about? Well the concept could help many of us, it could bother many of us, but it could also happen to you like it or not. Most would agree that the U.S. is divided, that too many parts need rebuilt, Washington is corrupt and similar lines of thought. Gregory Kay writes a solid, balanced introduction and here is my overall review of Billy Roper’s ‘The Balk’.

Mr. Roper touches on what’s happening in the U.S. and Europe especially, as it pertains to refugees and unchecked immigration into the U.S. His research is detailed and thorough. He illustrates how Balkanization has been happening since before the Yugoslavian break and afterwards, which I learned much more about thanks to this book.

He presents statistical realities and highlights many of the ways in which Whites are being manipulated, especially in America. Now, this not a manipulative book but I’ll concede that it’s subjective. One from the west coast or east coast has to try to imagine what it would be like to be raised in certain areas of America, such as Nashville or more southern, and how those areas have changed culturally, economically, physically and civilly. Not only how they’ve changed thus far, but how they might continue to deteriorate.

Some of the facts and reasons given will be dismissed if you start reading this book with a chip on your shoulder, in other words if you dislike the author. But we all know that Whites are on their way to being overrun in America, by unchecked immigration in particular. Studies have widely shown this probability and this factor is explored in detail, as is the Yugoslavian template.

If you subscribe to the author being no more than a racist bigot, you’ll probably find all sorts of points to dismiss because that’s what you’ll likely aim to do. Even if you’ve convinced yourself that there is not value in reading such a perspective, consider the aspect that there is a positive side to the cause for an author like this. It’s an opportunity, a rare chance for readers to get a highly educated southern man’s perspective on what must be done to preserve his people, and to preserve European-Americans. ‘The Balk’ can even help as guidance in mapping a potential segmentation of a balkanized America, whether or not you’re White.

Certain sections remain highlighted in my well-worn copy of ‘The Balk” “…think of how many acquaintances and friends that you do not discuss politics or religion or other sensitive subjects to any depth? How many of them do you already know that you disagree with politically or religiously, and so avoid the topic? Most people do not have a cause, at least not yet. If you do, as many of my readers do, you are already different, set apart, estranged from them, in your true inner life. Most people are a mile wide and an inch deep. ..” – This particular passage spoke to me, and it crossed my mind that, “ of all of his book titles, this is why he recommended this one to me”.

Some of the author’s wisdom echoes my own philosophy on specific things such as the concepts of discrimination and prejudice. For example my opinion is, and I’ve said it before, that prejudice and discrimination of other people(s) are tools that must be cultivated and tapped into, also managed personally.   Prejudice is a measure of survival instinct, and we all have to live discriminant lives. I feel that the author echoes such sentiments in a reasonable way.

In an unsuspecting twist, the author wraps up ‘The Balk’ with a rather interesting set of lyrics from an iconic 1980s pop song, which is absolutely fitting.   Ultimately, the book is worth the read. There aren’t wasted words which as a reader I have great affinity for. I get easily distracted by frequent, lengthy side stories and wordy chapters, and you don’t run into that with this author.

Is ‘The Balk’ controversial? Well yes, it forces the reader to face some shocking truths and realities. The talking points in the book are likely to ignite inflammatory debate, but it’s also time to quit running from such debates. They have to be had, and soon. Is ‘The Balk’ believable? Generally yes, America could break up, we’re not immune and Mr. Roper backs up the potential for that event but as for when, that’s a bit tougher to predict. Interesting? Absolutely interesting, fluid and well presented.   I will likely read more from this author.

For amusement I was compelled to include this photo that includes an image of the author, whom I consider a friend.  It’s just too funny not to, Billy!  Well done on ‘The Balk, friend and I look forward to reading more of your work.