In one of their typically poorly written and even more poorly researched attack articles to fundraise through fearmongering, the anti-White SPLC domestic terrorist group discusses Billy Roper, The ShieldWall Network, and the Blood and Honour American Division as targets of opportunity in their attempted smear of our allies in Confederate 28.

Since then, C28’s founding members have passed out stickers and fliers at a soccer game in Indianapolis and protested a gay pride parade in Tennessee. During the same month, C28 opened its doors to Christian Identity follower Billy Roper, an old school white supremacist and founder of the ShieldWall Network, who doesn’t play well with others. (Most recently, Roper accused Brad Griffin, founder of the white nationalist blog Occidental Dissent, of having a multi-racial family, and called white nationalist Richard Spencer a “Gay loving, Asian dating libertarian.”)

C28 announced their new partnership with ShieldWall Network on their blog on July 6:

We are very pleased to announce that the ShieldWall Network  has joined our Confederation. Billy Roper has been a longtime friend of ours, and he held a chair on our old Blood and Honour AD National Council. We look forward to collaborating with the ShieldWall Network, and befitting from the expertise and decades of experience that Billy and other of their members have.