The Secretary of State replied “Sir, I’ll talk to their minister of foreign affairs, but I recommend you speak to president Mkhize and tell him to protect our diplomatic facilities there. Although it’s not my place to order it, I’d also recommend we start looking at putting together an evacuation plan.” The Secretary of Defense chimed in “Mister President, off the top of my head I’d say the fastest way to get our people out is by air, with commercial Boeing 747s which have the range and optimal seating configuration. Depending on where the planes take off from, hopefully New York’s JFK airport, they’d have to land either at Cape Town or Johannesburg airports, then refuel while our people are brought in from the embassies and consulates. We’re gonna have to send at least one plane to Durban, and that’s on their east coast, about 400 miles from Johannesburg. Besides the few Marines we have, there are no ground military assets in South Africa or Botswana, so our diplomats and their families would need transportation and protection en route from the South Africans. The planes would be vulnerable on the ground and since we have no air assets in place, vulnerable to air attack too. As things stand, we have one carrier battle group in the Atlantic which is heading there for exercises in the Mediterranean, and another in the Indian Ocean. I’d recommend we send them to the South African west and east coasts respectively, because at least we’ll be able to airlift by chopper those in Cape Town and Durban, along with whatever citizens made their way there. That can take up to five days for the Indian Ocean CBG and ten days or more for the one nearing the Med. The plane extraction is the fastest. That’ll take a day or two from the moment we call the airlines and ask for a few planes, probably four or six of them, and a spare crew per plane so they can fly in and out. Once again, the biggest problems in this regard will be air cover for the planes and secure transportation to the airports for our people. Besides that, I’ve got my people looking at hostage rescue options, but to be frank, it can take at least a couple of weeks to put assets in place in Botswana and deploy them from there, assuming those people cooperate. Any way you slice it, this is a shit sandwich. We can’t protect them right now and they’re going to have to hold on until we get there, unless SOCOM and AFRICOM put a feasible plan together within the next few hours.”


President Mattis took it calmly. As a former general, he knew only in Hollywood movies do invasions happen in five minutes, that the real world was sometimes soul-crushingly uncooperative. His hope was some inspired eccentric in SOCOM Plans would come up with an operational spit wad that would stick like crazy glue, but meanwhile he had to face the reality, and it wasn’t pretty. Still, the hard-nosed general in him thought it wise to lay on some groundwork, so he told his cabinet “I’m gonna call the president of Botswana to see if we can get provisional clearance to land some rescue units there, along with a few F-15s and F-18s with conformal fuel cells and the necessary Iron Hand (anti-radar warfare), air and ground ordnance, just in case we get a plan that might work. After that, I’ll call president Mkhize and warn him that unless he wants a parking lot for a country and a few bombs down his bunker’s chimney, he’d better protect our embassies and consulates like they were his balls. Sec State, after I do that, wait for my call because I want you to hold a nice press conference and show journalists what happened at our embassy in Pretoria. This’ll put the South Africans on the back foot and hopefully discourage further support from other countries once they begin to ask themselves if the same thing will happen to them. Before that happens though, I want you on the blower to the ambassador in South Africa to tell him we’re working on the problem and trying to send support real fast, hopefully within 48 hours. Meanwhile, the Marines are righteous in my book and cleared to kill any motherfucker who tries to breach the embassy perimeter. This ain’t gonna be another fuckin’ Benghazi, not on my watch. Intel! I want everything you got focused on South Africa. Wake up the Company’s (CIA) Botswana station and tell their chief to be ready for crazy shit. I want eyeballs, feet and assholes on the border with South Africa to give us an idea of what the fuck’s coming outta there, and if they can get anything out of refugees, especially on audio-video, so much the better. About that, both State and CIA are now authorized to promise asylum to the refugees and their families if they’re willing to give on-camera interviews about what they saw in South Africa, and keep their word on it. Sec Def, get on the horn to the Pentagon, I want rescue plans as soon as motherfucking possible, whether they’re crazy or not. I’m beginning to have a crazy one of my own, to be honest. After that, call the boss Marines at each embassy and give them a pat on the head from me, especially in Pretoria. Tell them they done good so far and help is on the way. Meanwhile, direct the carrier battle groups in the Atlantic and Indian oceans to within 100 miles of the South African west and east coasts at best possible speed and to do work-ups for their people along the way. Put out a WarnOrd (Warning Order) to at least 6 platoons each of Rangers, Marine Force Recon and Army Special Forces to be ready to move with .50 cal machine guns and tall tripods, M4s, SAWs, MREs for two weeks and everything else they can think of for a fast and light overland deployment from Botswana to South Africa. The way I see it, if the CIA station chief can buy a shitload of pickup trucks, the rescue teams turn them into technicals like the Somalis and along with three or four buses, provide embassy staff an escort to the Johannesburg airport or to Botswana if need be, backed up all the way by air cover. Just make sure they’re gonna have fuel bladders for the gas and diesel required, along with 10-20% extra. I say again, this is just my idea for now, but the op will probably turn out like this. Don’t pass it along to the planning groups! Sec Trans, call the airlines and tell them they need to chop us 6 Boeing 747s and 12 crews right fucking now. If they ain’t got the crews, liaise with the Sec Def and get qualified Air Force guys- now move!” With that, the cabinet meeting broke up and phone lines got lit up…


President Mattis didn’t waste any time. His first call was to the president of Botswana to ask for clearance and support for rescue teams. The country’s government was hitting the roof in a big way, because thousands of white South Africans had made their way there. A few got through at first, but afterwards orders came down to close the border and there was a mighty traffic jam. For the first time in a long time, Botswana’s normally unarmed cops were told to draw not just pistols, but rifles too, and the 15.000 or so troops of its military had been activated to help secure the borders because the panicked South Africans were going around the posts and still coming in. A lot of them were armed and pissed off, there had been some ugly scenes and it looked like the situation was going to get worse. The Botswana government was already asking itself what it was going to do with the refugees and the president raised the question with James Mattis, who said he’d pass it along to his government and the UN. Meanwhile, Mattis made it clear the people he intended to send were only rescue forces which aimed to get Americans out of diplomatic facilities in South Africa, that they’d very likely be coming in light. About the heaviest thing that might come in were probably some F-15s and F-18s to provide air cover to the rescue teams while in South Africa, after which they’d depart Botswana as soon as possible. It took some convincing along with a promise to look at sending some troops and arms to bolster the Botswana army’s efforts to protect the borders, but he got the clearance.


He called South Africa’s president next. It didn’t exactly go well. There was a reason why Desmond Mkhize ended up as president, and it had little to do with his political acumen. The guy had been a nexus for corruption and was so compromised that he looked worse than a finger puppet. He’d heard a little over an hour earlier about the shoot-out at the American embassy, but the confused and frightened cops said the Marines had fired first. Now he was fighting to calm down the black nationalists and communists among his cabinet, who wanted to level every American diplomatic building in the country. For his part, James Mattis wasn’t clued up on African traditions, and mistook Mkhize’s opening irrelevant small talk for evasion. It wasn’t. When Africans meet, they talk about each other’s families and cows, the weather and a lot more before they get around to asking the question they actually want answered, but Mattis was as direct as any American, if not more so given his military background, and this rigmarole was driving him nuts. It got worse when Mkhize said there currently was no anti-white genocide in the country and that the Pretoria embassy Marines had fired first… That was when Mattis thought to himself “gotcha, motherfucker!” and cut Mkhize off at the knees.


“Mr. President”, he said. “Somebody’s lying here, and it ain’t me. Now let me tell you the truth. First, there is an anti-white genocide currently under way in South Africa. I know this from media reports, the indisputably genuine pictures they’ve shown. Second and more damningly, I’ve heard and read the words from your own mouth. Yeah, I’ve got the announcements you made recently in every language except English and Afrikaans, in which you call on your countrymen to wipe out the whites. I’ve also got the translations and I have neither the time nor inclination to declassify them in order to play them back to you. Third, I’ve just seen security camera footage from the embassy in Pretoria, and let me tell you what happened. One of my citizens, a white, female and pregnant American woman carrying a diplomatic passport was shot point-blank by one of your black policemen and a few fractions of a second later he was shot by a Marine sniper who was trying to protect her. After that, the other cops opened fire on the embassy and troops on the roof, injuring one of my Marines. Then more cops followed by a crowd came toward the embassy and tried to get in. They brought down a section of the fence and my boys weren’t about to get overrun, so they kept firing. This shit is on you, because you started it.


Now listen to me real good. Unless you want your country to be more cratered and less fertile than the Moon, to say nothing of a goddamned JDAM down the bunker’s chimney and into your Christmas stocking, you had better guard my country’s embassies and consulates like they were your own, because sure as hell my people are doing it for yours here. I’m going to send civilian aircraft flying US colors to Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban to pick up diplomatic staff, their families and whoever else is in those facilities. You will let them fly in unmolested and provide secure extraction routes for convoys to the airports within 48 hours, AND you will guarantee nothing will happen to them on the ground. The flight crews will have cash to pay for the fuel, just make sure there will be at least enough for the six planes I’m going to send, because I don’t want my people stuck there longer than absolutely necessary. If push comes to shove, I’ll send in some troops from Botswana to get the people out of Pretoria and Johannesburg, but that will be more complicated and risky, so I want you to go along with my first suggestion. After that, I seriously encourage you to stop this genocide bullshit before it gets any worse and the rest of the world comes down on your head.” Totally pissed off and wanting to leave the South African president frightened and compliant like a recruit in boot camp, James Mattis put Marine command steel in his voice and growled “Get to it, sir (made sure he knew it was spelled “cur”). Until you next hear from me, this is Chaos- out!” and hung up on the terrified South African.


Looking at his assembled cabinet, Desmond Mkhize only had time to blurt “the Americans are coming” before he ran to the nearest trash can and vomited. Ministers watched this with studiously blank faces which masked the contempt they felt for him, but they too began to wake up to the seriousness of their situation once the president calmed down and explained what James Mattis wanted from them. The minister of state security was neither spy nor security expert, much like his military counterpart, so they called in the heads of their respective services. The top spook and general looked at the situation and explained that it would take some doing to clear routes from the American facilities to the airports in three cities because both army and police units were chasing whites all over the place, but that they might be able to do it over a period of 48 hours. Given the orders, they left to plan and carry them out. It did indeed take 48 hours and it was difficult to say the least, but by then there were soldiers and cops guarding cleared routes. The roads were empty of people, but not of the detritus and smashed windows, and departing Americans took plenty of pictures on the way out which would further add to the global diplomatic isolation of South Africa.

End of Part 11. To be continued…

Mircea Negres

Port Elizabeth

South Africa