The ShieldWall Phalanx

The phalanx (Ancient Greek: φάλαγξ; plural phalanxes or phalanges, φάλαγγες, phalanges) was a rectangular mass military formation, usually composed entirely of heavy infantry armed with spears, pikes, sarissas, or similar weapons.

Not all members of The ShieldWall Network are temperamentally or psychologically suited to recruit and cherry-pick new organizational affiliates through local government or civic organizations. In some cases, just as there are those whose professional occupations require that they be financiers and planners of The ShieldWall Network from behind the scenes rather than public activists, there are also ShieldWall Network affiliates who, frankly, have criminal records which may preclude them becoming persons of influence in their community directly and openly.

The ShieldWall Phalanx is an athletic association of all of the male members of The ShieldWall Network who are interested in improving their overall physical health through teamwork-driven activities. Open to all ShieldWall men regardless of their current restrictions due to past circumstances, the ShieldWall Phalanx practices small unit maneuvers, close order hand to hand combat drills, and moving and acting in tandem formation. Outdoor fitness and small unit military tactics, along with internal discipline and establishing and following a prescribed chain of command, will help build The ShieldWall Phalanx into a defensive arm of the ShieldWall Network itself. As such, The ShieldWall  Phalanx will establish and maintain order and security at all public rallies, meetings, demonstrations, and protest in which The ShieldWall Network participates in the near future, and as a protective force watching over our people and their interests when the ultimate purpose of The ShieldWall Network comes to fruition.

Ultimately, within The ShieldWall Phalanx there will exist two branches: one for armed (Waffen) and the other (Fist) for unarmed training; and selection for one or the other will be  based on the needs, abilities, and extenuations of the individual member for so long as such laws exist which might legally limit certain of them from full participation.

Until that time, all participants of The ShieldWall Phalanx will train as unarmed potential combatants. Think of The ShieldWall Phalanx as a squad level military unit. In time, it will grow to platoon, then company size, as The ShieldWall Network itself expands.

Not everyone was made to be a grassroots political operative or local government recruiter. We all have specific talents, skill sets, and proclivities for tasks best suited to our individual personalities and experiences. For those who wish to be the point of the spear, and the front ranks of The ShieldWall…we now have The ShieldWall Phalanx.

We will discuss The ShieldWall Phalanx in more depth at the next ShieldWall Network meeting in central Arkansas on September 23rd, and begin accepting volunteer enlistees then.