“Billy Roper, one of Dr. William Pierce’s most dedicated acolytes within Pierce’s neo-Nazi National Alliance, led such marches in the early 2000s.

In July 2001, Roper led a small procession in support of neo-Nazi musician Hendrik Möebus, who was at that time fleeing murder charges in his home country of Germany. Under scattered rain showers, Roper was attacked, his right eye smacked with a metal bar. Photographers clicked away, capturing him with blood running down his face, onto his blue-and-white stripped dress shirt.

In January of 2002, Roper again led a march. Devotees of the movement traveled to the small town of York, Pennsylvania. Objects and fists flew. Blood flowed. Within the canon of this subcultural street war, it earned a name, “The Battle of York.”

Later that year, in August, Roper led marchers through northwest Washington, D.C., from Union Station to the West Lawn of the Capitol. There, around 1,000 gathered to counter-protest an equal number of racists. Separated by metal barricades, neither could reach the other…”