In a brand new article just released, the Jewish and homosexual led Southern Poverty Law Center admitted that they were responsible for conspiring with ‘Act For America’ in a (failed) attempt to stop The ShieldWall Network’s June 10th ‘March Against Sharia’, led by Billy Roper.

“…A rally scheduled for Batesville, Arkansas, was to have been organized by longtime neo-Nazi Billy Roper.

ACT for America typically attempts to distance itself from members who are revealed to be extremists. Only after the SPLC revealed Roper’s racist past and current beliefs did ACT for America drop sponsorship of the event. Roper still hosted his own march, however, which included a “Draw Mohammad” contest and attendees in “White Pride World Wide” shirts…”

The result of the SPLC’s ham-handed machinations was even MORE publicity and media coverage for The ShieldWall Network. When asked to comment on the revelation of the SPLC’s involvement, Roper stated:

“Now that Cool Mo Dees is too old to chase little girls around with vibrators or kiss other men’s penises quid pro quo, things have really gotten sloppy down there, no pun intended, and I’m not just talking about Heidi’s lunch basket. They’re more amusing than anything else. Thanks for the free publicity, kikes!”