This dookie-braided Chicagoland wigger, formerly imprisoned as a terrorist for illegal rioting at the NATO Summit, assaulted and injured an innocent veteran at Charlottesville. He was doxxed by patriots through forensic comparisons of video stills and pictures at the scene with his former court documents from sentencing, as well as other sources.

“After the internet forum’s viral exposure of the violent bike lock-wielding coward Eric Clanton, a list of Antifa members began to develop on the digital medium through crowdsourcing. All of this has been taking place predominately on /pol/.

On Thursday, Aug. 24, 2017, /pol/ members once again exemplified their uncanny ability to identify individuals associated with the violent left-wing group, publishing the (above) image..

The above photo is the doxing of Antifa member Brent Betterly, a convict who had been arrested in 2012 for terrorism and two other felonies (possession of an incendiary device with the intent to commit arson and possession of an incendiary device with the knowledge that another intended to commit arson). Betterly was arrested alongside two other activists, all three of whom were associated with the Occupy movement. Although he was sentenced to six years in April, 2014, Betterly was released the following year, with Occupy’s internet presence rejoicing at his freedom…

Betterly’s freedom, however, would prove to be relatively short-lived, as he could be found among counter-protestors at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville on August 12th, 2017, sending an American veteran to the hospital by cracking his head open with a bat. 

Despite being a movement (allegedly) dedicated to eradicating fascism and hatred in the world, Antifa and other radical left-wing groups have expressed the exact attributes that they claim to oppose: bigotry and violence. By oppressing with force anyone who adheres to an ideology different than theirs, they reveal themselves to be a movement more akin to Nazism than they would admit. The exposure of Betterly, who has a known criminal past, as a violent member of Antifa will lead to more similar identifications of other violent members. The alt-right’s overwhelming internet presence will consume the left, and to our friends at 4chan, godspeed.”

If you see Brent Betterly, please inform authorities so he can go back to prison and be gang-raped by niggers. Apparently he liked it.