Ms. Kristen Clarke, obsolete farm machinery which, according to her Linked In profile, supports Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists, has claimed responsibility for intimidating Network Solutions into seizing StormFront’s domain name. She is the President and Executive Director of the left-wing Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, an anti-White ‘civil rights’ guild which wants to be the SPLC when it grows up, and consists primarily of those whose ancestors never developed a written alphabet on their own.

In describing her support for Affirmative Action, without four centuries of which she would be squatting over a cattle dung fire roasting grub worms, the unmarried and perhaps lesbian lower primate’s organization is labeled even by the left-wing New York Times as “liberal”. That’s like Elton John saying you’re a little light in the loafers.

Terrorism is terrorism, whether it comes from the barrel of a gun, or through the insinuated threat of legal proceedings. Prior to her current efforts to overcome penis gourd envy, Kristen, whose Zulu name is reported to be “Shaniqueeshla”, meaning “Saggy, Brown, and Smelly” was Chief of the Civil Rights Bureau for New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Yes, just like the NAACP, she’s another sheboon trained by a kike. Speaking of the NAACP, that’s where she chased KFC previously, as well as at the DOJ. In fact, she has spent her entire life as an anti-White lawyer while hypocritically benefiting from living in a White created civilization.

According to her Twitter feed, Shaniquueshla also works hard to open borders and allow nonWhite illegal immigrants to vote by filing court assaults against reasonable voter ID laws. As the picture provided illustrates, she looks to me like any common $5 ghetto crack whore. But then, that might just be my White Privilege’s perspective. I’d rather spend a five spot on a Big Mac.

Now that she’s on your radar, be sure and keep an eye on Shaniqueeshla’s legal career. We may find ourselves sitting across a negotiating table from her some day bargaining an exchange of Alabaman Whites from New Afrika for black refugees from the besieged cities of New America, when balkanization happens. Remember, we can use the Extra Crispy as leverage.

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