Hurricane Harvey still swirls around in a circle. Each time an arm of it goes back over the ocean, the storm picks up energy and warm water that it dumps back over Southeast Texas. ShieldWall Network affiliates in the area are keeping us informed on the situation on the ground so that we can mobilize any help which isn’t being provided, as the ordeal develops.

Likewise, the live StormFront Radio program this morning picked up more energy, with a larger listening audience than it has enjoyed in years, all of them outraged and energized by Network Solutions’ theft of the StormFront message board domain name, as reported here.

Don Black, the founder of the oldest and most popular White Nationalist forum, discussed their intent to seek legal satisfaction over the unprecedented attack on the first amendment. Multiple lawyers are already on the case. He also confirmed that he possesses several backup domain names reserved for such a contingency. One of the lawyers, Don Advo, described how a domain name registry is property, and acceptance of that registration represents acceptance of a contract.

Dr. David Duke then came on the show LIVE to underline that theft of the DNS is a criminal act, and that StormFront will be back soon. All of StormFront’s tens of thousands of supporters are presenting a united front to help. The enemies of our people are frightened over the increasing growth of our movement to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. They want to make Whites extinct, and suppressing Don Black and StormFront is a suppression of free speech of Whites on the way towards that extinction. Dr. Duke urged StormFronters and defenders of free speech to send a donation to help get the StormFront forum back on the air to the address below.

Yes, anti-Whites; StormFront is coming back, stronger and more popular than ever in righteous indignation. You’ve poked the bear.

You can listen to StormFront Radio LIVE Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 10 AM central time, HERE.

Rather than being frightened away or intimidated as the terrorists intended, this attack has increased the popularity of StormFront and interest in the coming meeting in the Smokey Mountains. You, too, can join Dr. David Duke, Don Black, Billy Roper, Sam Dickinson, and other White Nationalist leaders and spokespersons, as well as dozens of patriots with whom to socialize and network. To register for the annual StormFront Conference in Eastern Tennessee September 29th-Oct. 1st, e-mail Don Black at, or write to P.O. Box 6637, West Palm Beach, Florida, 33405.

We’ll all see you there.