As previously reported, the Cover Our People With Love charity has donated four large bags full of hand-made quilts and blankets to be delivered to homeless refugees in the flood-ravaged areas by White Texans.

Now, we would like to announce the “Hurricane Harvey Help”, being organized by two like-minded ladies to help their people. While there are dozens, even hundreds of charities collecting donations right now which could go anywhere and to anyone, this fundraiser is being organized by people whom we know. People who think like we do. Our people.

Please choose to help through this Hurricane Harvey Help fundraiser. Even a small amount can make a big difference to so many. Added together, it could make all the difference in the world. The Hurricane Harvey Help fundraiser is endorsed by The ShieldWall Network, The Shield Maidens, Noble Breed Kindred, and the Daughters of Eve.

In addition, 50% of all royalty profits from sales of Billy Roper’s books through Amazon, here, for a month from the date of Harvey’s first landfall, Friday August 25th, until September 25th, will go to this relief fundraiser, as well. Antifa attempted to have my books removed from Amazon and falsely down-repped them and posted fake negative reviews on them in order to attack my income, so we will show them what those funds can be used for: helping our people.

As a final note, please help share the link to the Hurricane Harvey Help fundraising site, and encourage all of your friends on social media to pitch in, too!