Isabelle, who was born in Toulouse, has been living on the island of Saint-Martin in the Antilles for 25 years. This doctor, who is currently on holiday in Toulouse, normally, thanks to her job, has nerves of steel. But since yesterday, she is in total panic and is calling for help because she fears for the life of her husband and son who are on the Antilles island that has been ravaged by Hurrican Irma.

“My husband and my son are in danger of being killed, like a large part of the populatiion. It’s civil war there. We have started to hear some talk in the media about looters who cleaned out the shops after the hurricane, but it’s still very far from reality. Gangs of thugs have robbed the customs house, which was badly damaged, and have stolen the stocks of weapons that were there. Since Thursday evening, they’ve been moving back and forth across the island wearings masks and hoods attacking the houses that were still standing where the inhabitants had taken refuge,” she says, on the verge of tears.

“I had them on the phone last night. They are paralysed with fear. It’s around our house where they’ve barricaded themselves with six friends who are at our home because their villa was destroyed,” she continues. “They can’t go out. They say the attackers are moving around in gangs of ten, it’s completely lawless and they’re ready to shoot to get food or money.”

Her statements are confirmed by the testimonies of other residents of the island, who tell on social networks of gangs who are smashing in the doors of houses saying “Whites out”.


Here are Facebook posts from some people on the scene.


I’ve done a tour of the island.I won’t put up images of the desolation. No one has been spared…now it’s the jungle! What is the government doing? On the Dutch side there are soldiers, mounted police, police at every corner of the street! They have imposed a 5 pm curfew to clear looters from the streets. Here, on the French side, the looters are filling up entire buses with whatever they find, shopping trolleys filled with toys, washing machines, they’re fighting over who is going to steal what! ANIMALS you would think they are at a Christmas market!



Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin warned of “American Communism” and says Obama’s plans to build new US bases and missle batteries in Eastern Europe is the biggest threat to US/Russian relations since the Cuban missile crises.

Damage to US/Russian relations.

1) The Clinton Administration bombed Serbia to support Islamic Albanian militias in Kosovo. Albanians immigrated to Kosovo illegally in such huge numbers that they outnumbered ethnic Serbs. Then they began a bloody terrorist campaign to drive out the remaining ethnic Serbs.

2) The Bush administration recognized Kosovo as an independent Muslim nation. This move was strongly opposed by Russia and at least half of the European nations. Today Kosovo is the center of the European drug trade, and home base for Islamic terrorist groups.

3) Under the Bush administration, the US became the leading supplier of arms and armament technology to the Republic of Georgia. Close US allies France, and Israel were the second and third largest. The Republic of Georgia then launched a surprise attack on the break away region of South Ossetia. Georgian forces surrounded the capital and began a murderous campaign of ethnic cleansing, when Russian forces invaded and drove the Georgians out.

The Georgian Minister of Defense admitted in a radio broadcast that he modeled the offensive off of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. The president of Georgia gained power after receiving millions from George Soros for his campaign. Soros also funds radical left-wing groups in the US and is widely believed to have piped money directly into Obama’s campaign.

After the failed attempt at mass genocide, the Israeli and French governments saw backlashes from their own people. Those government at least hinted that their support of Georgia was foolish. Bush, however, continued to strongly defend the Georgian president and his actions.

4) Despite campaign promises to role back foreign entanglements, Obama has adopted all of the same foreign policies as George Bush. He even launched a secret war in Yemen, which was kept hidden from the American public for months. Obama is going full speed ahead will all of Bush’s plans to build new bases in East Europe and set up a line of missile batteries aimed at Russia. Even though Russia allowed the US to set up batteries around the black sea as a deterrent to Iran.

Locust: recognize our true enemies, those who say they represent you, while plotting to extort your life energy from you, those who seek the destruction of our people, while preaching peace and harmony. Lets stand on one principle, not of equality for all, but dignity for all, dignity in death, dignity in life, and equality in the pursuit of quality of life. Character, honor, integrity, loyalty to ones people first, nation second, and courage to do what we know in our soul is right.  Let us honor our forefathers, let us honor our families, those generations not yet born, and give our enemies hell, if we are to fall as a nation, let them remember who we were and not who we have become.