by Billy Roper

America is more diverse than ever before, but its schools are growing more segregated

From the Los Angeles Times

“America’s school-age population is more diverse than ever before, reflecting the demographic shift rapidly taking place in our country. America’s schools, however, are more segregated than they have been for decades.”

Despite the overall population of the United States becoming more “diverse”, which means more nonWhite, something which we are told is a wonderful thing to celebrate, because being divided and different makes us stronger and the people who founded the United States of America specifically of, by, and for their own people becoming a minority in it is obviously what the nation was created to be all about, the country’s schools are becoming more segregated, meaning that those increasingly diverse peoples are choosing to move to sort themselves out. They are voluntarily seceding with their feet and self-balkanizing into racially homogeneous regions.

As that blessed diversity increases in a city, the city segregates more and more into racial and ethnic neighborhoods. When the city as a whole is sufficiently diversified, i.e., made less White, the Whites move out of the city to the suburbs. When nonWhites pursue them into the suburbs, White flight bleeds out into rural areas to escape the brown tide. As that becomes no longer enough of an escape from squalor and crime, Whites leave the state and region, to go to New America. Here is how that breaks down:

Whites are moving out of the deep south as blacks move into it from the north and simultaneously outbreed them. They are moving to the upper south, to Tennessee and Arkansas. Whites are moving out of the southwest and California as Latino immigrants, legal and illegal, take over there, as well, and are moving to the West and Northwest. The effect of this internal migration, as I discussed in my book ‘The Balk’, is the separation of America out into at least three distinct ethnostates, with some areas still being contested, and others irredeemably mixed.

Look around you, and you will see it happening. Have you decided which future you want to be a part of, yet, or are you waiting for someone to choose, for you?