He went from making interracial rap videos to hanging out with Milo, the Jewish homosexual, in a bathrobe. Then some people began to accept his rightward virtue-signalling as full repentance and wokeness. Baked Alaska is also known as Tim Gionet.

11h11 hours ago

 If u think I’m a cuck or a shill for wanting to make america great again & not be pro-nazi, you might want to rethink ur worldview

He once infamously tweeted a picture of Laura Loomer in a gas chamber. Now, he’s dating the Jewess. And stating that he doesn’t want a White ethnostate. And that he thought it was all just a joke. Those damn Nazis.

13h13 hours ago

 Baked Alaska™ Retweeted Mr. Sakamoto

I used to think nazi lingo was funny. I didn’t realize people took it so seriously- for that I want to say sorry to & my fans.


Half-Baked Alaska needs to go back in the oven.

Let’s play a game. I’ll point out a degenerate, and then, three months later, the Alt Right can disavow them…oh, hey, I didn’t even hear the bell.