by Billy Roper

As a ShieldWall Network affiliate has pointed out, “Trump supporters should note that Trump signed this official declaration of policy that is specifically antiWhite in its wording.  This is certainly part of the genocidal Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan to wipe out the White race.” The danger of this is that is further blurs the line between hate speech and hate crime.

This doubling down by anti-White lawmakers defending the interests of the shrinking centrists in the establishment elite is a stark indication of their anxiety. Why are they anxious? Well, let’s take a deeper look at some of the results of the recent polls indicating that tens of millions of Americans publicly identify as White Nationalists.

“Nearly a third of respondents failed to express support of interracial marriage—with 16 percent agreeing outright that “marriage should only be allowed between two people of the same race,”…

63% of Republicans, and 71% of Whites agree that “White people are currently under attack in this country”.

62% of Republicans, and 74% of Whites, are opposed to the Black Lives Matter movement.

81% of Republicans, and an overwhelming majority of Whites, oppose the removal of Confederate monuments and statues, while a majority of blacks support their removal.

The biggest takeaway from this poll, even more important than the fact that twenty-six million White Americans now are willing to publicly identify themselves as White Nationalists, and over ten million of those are already radicalized far enough to publicly self-identify as “Neo-Nazis”, is that the middle is shrinking. The foundation underneath the establishment elite is eroding from both sides, as America polarizes and divides. And, most of those still left in the middle, who are relatively uncommitted so far, are leaning in our direction:

“An analysis by the pollsters found that those who gave indifferent answers were “more likely to have views that leaned more toward intolerance than away from it.”

They “are far less likely to condemn statements against interracial marriage and in favor of preserving white heritage,” Ipsos pollster Julia Clark is quoted as saying. In addition, they “are notably less likely than other respondents to feel all races should be treated equally or that minorities are under attack,” she said. “In both cases, and others, this makes their viewpoints more congruous with extremist, anti-equality views than more progressive views.”

In other words, many Americans have more in common with the alt-right, white nationalists and neo-Nazis than they might think.”

Yes, they do. Our enemies using those labels so freely continues to take the curse off of them, too. Thanks! We are winning. It’s coming. Get ready.