Activism Conference Schedule:  Most of our pre-registered conference attendees should plan on arriving in the Knoxville area on 9/29/17. The evening of Friday, September 29th, will primarily be a ‘meet and greet’ social gathering, giving StormFront forum members and other conference attendees an opportunity to break the ice and become acquainted personally. For some of you this may be your first opportunity to meet one another in person, so it will be helpful to get to know your ‘teammates’ before you work together to take the next step forward in ‘in real life’ activism for our movement and cause.

All day long on Saturday, September 30th, there will be activism-based seminars, workshops, breakout groups, and brainstorming sessions led by Billy Roper of The ShieldWall Network, Matt Heimbach of the Traditionalist Worker Party, Father Francis of StormFront Radio, and other experienced White Nationalist leaders and activists from The League of the South and other organizations, as well as a surprise guest speaker! The day’s full agenda will be provided to conference attendees that morning, in person.

Those driving or flying into the Knoxville area for the meeting, please e-mail to coordinate your itinerary with other attendees and make sure that you have all of the details surrounding the conference.

We encourage you to join us in taking the next step forward for the Alt Right and White Nationalism together, as we focus on future activism tactics and strategies. Now is the time to take a stand, and get real.

September 29th-30th in E. TN.. We’ll see you there!