In order to clarify some misconceptions about yesterday’s ShieldWall Network meeting, it was not a public event. That is why the media was not allowed, and also why the general public was not invited. In fact, the SWN privately rented a central Arkansas cafe during a weekend day when the establishment is normally closed. Although we look forward to the time when anti-Free Speech censorship will be overcome, and renewed freedom will allow us to gather without the need for subterfuge or misrepresentation, for this meeting we did perhaps misrepresent ourselves to the business employee with whom we had spoken to arrange the meeting. In fact, they were under the impression that we represented a libertarian, patriotic organization, which may in fact describe the political views of some of our attendees, even if the tenor of the discussions were further to the right than the restaurant employees knew about or would have been comfortable with. We paid him for a private meeting. It’s unfortunate that our views, the views shared by America’s Founding Fathers, sometimes must be shrouded in secrecy in the current political environment in order for our people to gather and discuss them, but that is the current political reality which we live in, and are working to change.

Therefore, the wannabe Arkansas ARA finding some pictures of the event and attempting to blame the restaurant for the meeting is asinine, since the only employee of the cafe with whom we ever had any contact to arrange the rental didn’t know who would be there. None of us had ever even been there before. We do appreciate the ARA making public statements about us being targets, though, and look forward to showing them that doxxing works both ways. When their employers, friends, and family find out that they are vocal and public supporters of Communist and Anarchist Antifa groups and other domestic terrorists, everyone can pick a side, whether they wanted to, or not.