The Arkansas ShieldWall Network meeting held 9/23/17 was an inspiring success, with over thirty attendees, about a third of them new people joining together for the first time. Following a shared lunch with live musical entertainment there were raffles, auctions, and introductions all around. Hundreds of the new SWN business cards were passed out to be used for contact as well as recruitment purposes.

Past activity reports of our summertime rallies, protests, and demonstrations preceded speeches by a Christian Identist introducing the faith and the sharing of religious and political material with everyone, in addition to print-outs explaining the purpose and method of the ShieldWall. Patches were presented to three ShieldWall Network members who had earned them since the last meeting, the new uniform shirt and flag were introduced, and a report was given by the ShieldWall Network Acting Coordinator for Missouri about his recruitment efforts there. There were five participants in the Battle of Charlottesville present, and two of them gave a presentation on the event, followed by a discussion of the new defensive arm of The ShieldWall Network, The Phalanx, which will train and practice in small unit tactics for security purposes. Eleven initial SWN members will take part, and The Phalanx will grow as more are added.

A listing of recent expenditures for the network over the last few months was given, along with acknowledgment and thanks to specific individual donors. The Cover Our People With Love pro-White charity’s efforts were discussed, as well. The final speaker, who focused on the importance of personal financial discipline and wealth-making, was very well received, too. Following the regular meeting was a group brainstorming session on activism in preparation for next weekend’s conference in Eastern Tennessee with StormFront members, and the planning of The ShieldWall network’s security contributions to that event.

Many thanks to all who attended, and we invite the rest of you to join us, next time. In addition to the StormFront replacement conference next weekend, we will be meeting October 14th in Arkansas to bring some more new local Nationalists on board, followed by our next regular ShieldWall Network meeting the third Saturday in November. E-mail for details.