The replacement StormFront conference, being held Friday September 29th through Sunday October 1st, will now be open to all vetted and vouched for persons, without the normal $85 per person registration fee. This means that those who had prepaid their conference registration fee to Don Black may either work out a refund of their conference registration  money from him, or let it be a donation to keep the StormFront forum and StormFront radio going, or let the credit stay with him so that if he schedules another conference at a later date in a different location, you will already have it paid for!  You will NOT be using up your StormFront conference registration fee to attend this meeting, and if you have not yet paid, you can still come, for free. All you will have to provide is your food, lodging, and transportation to Eastern Tennessee.

So, we encourage all interested White Nationalists and Alt Right activists to come out to East Tennessee September 29th-Oct. 1st for a weekend of activist education through seminars, hands-on workshops, break-out sessions, and speeches led by Father Francis of Stormfront Radio, Billy Roper of the ShieldWall Network, Matt Heimbach of the Traditionalist Worker Party, Dr. Michael Hill of The League of the South, as well as other experienced leaders, spokespersons, and activists, including one VERY SPECIAL surprise guest!

E-mail for details. We look forward to seeing you there!