In his most recent “Radio Free Northwest” broadcast of October 5th, 2017, Harold Covington discusses ‘The Advertising Expertise of the Alt Right’. Most interesting to readers of ‘The Roper Report’, though, is Stephen Landser and Lord Goyhammer’s ‘Race and Nation’ podcast discussion, which is repeated in this broadcast. The gentlemen, in response to Covington’s explosive Brandenberg series, talk about the inevitable reality of the Balkanization process, and that there will almost certainly be more than one White ethnostate emerging in its aftermath. They specifically talk with great clarity about what has come to be called the “Ozarkia” option, and correctly point out that Covington and Roper’s visions of future White ethnostates are not mutually exclusive nor even necessarily competitive visions.

Not only are they correct, but there may even be other large White enclaves which would be sustainable after Balkanization, at least for the short term, such as the Florida panhandle and southern Mississippi, even though both are surrounded by nonWhite territory. Eventually, corridors connecting them to larger White territories could be cleared, or in a worst case scenario, population exchanges could be arranged between the contentious ethnostates. 100,000 black survivors from besieged Chicago after the Midwest has been cleansed, for example, may be traded for an equal number of White refugees from New Afrika. The devil will be in the details. It worked reasonably well in the former Yugoslavia following their civil war in the 1990s, though, in a much smaller and more crowded area than we have to work with in the United States. This is discussed in detail in Billy Roper’s nonfiction work on the subject, ‘The Balk’.

Some of the White ethnostates, such as Ozarkia in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri, and the State of Franklin in eastern Tennessee and Kentucky, may eventually merge, once the nonWhite territories dividing them (Memphis and the Mississippi River Valley) have been cleansed. Likewise, the Upper South of northern Georgia and northern Alabama.

Whenever people talk about the coming Balkanization of America, one paramount concern is always our future White nation not being landlocked, despite the fact that being landlocked hasn’t been a deal-killer for Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldova, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, or Switzerland. Indeed, being landlocked might be preferable than facing the Pacific Ocean, which in a Balkanization scenario would quickly become a Chinese lake without the U.S. Navy on duty. However, a New Amerika centered in the Heartland would have access to the Atlantic Ocean, and our European kinsmen for trade and commerce, via the Great Lakes seaways, as well as through the several deepwater ocean ports of North Texas, in the majority White coastal territory north of Houston.

Likewise, one should consider not just the demographics, but the cultural and political leanings of the native population. Is it more feasible to have an ethnostate in an extremely liberal area, or an extremely conservative one?In this regard, there is a stark contrast between the Pacific Northwest and Ozarkia.

The Balkanization Preparedness plan for Ozarkia, as outlined in The ShieldWall Network’s platform, consists of encouraging Whites from our neighboring states of Louisiana and Mississippi, as well as southern Arkansas, to move north, as many of them are already doing through White Flight from those darkening states. Then, we have a plan to teach them how to become persons of influence in their new communities through volunteerism, civic activism, and political participation on a local level. City councils, school boards, veteran’s organizations, Republican county committees, local and county law enforcement, and county elected offices are all vulnerable to influence and realignment from the grassroots up.  ShieldWall Network affiliates are taught how to infiltrate conservative organizations and environments and from them, to cherry-pick and radicalize those Whites most amenable to a true White Nationalist message. Thus, when Balkanization occurs, control of local and regional territories, along with their populations, resources, and assets, will be under the control of people who will be guided by our voices and influence. In the vacuum or abdication of power at the federal level, all politics, and all power, will revert back to the local level. That will be us, in our zones of influence, which are being established now through The ShieldWall Network.

Stephen Landser and Lord Goyhammer may be hosting a future Race and Nation program which would include a discussion of multiple White ethnostates. That would be a very welcome debate, and a podcast which we can all look forward to.