On the 10/9/17 StormFront Radio show, Billy Roper, Dr. Patrick Slattery, and Father Francis discussed the Balkanization theory, and Billy Roper’s book ‘The Balk’. The book discusses the probable future breakup of the United States. Dr. Slattery asked whether, as happened in the dissolution of the Soviet Union, gaining control over the Federal government would be crucial to separating the nation into racially homogeneous ethnostates. Roper responded that perhaps a better analogy might be Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s partitioning of the former Ottoman Empire in order to strengthen Turkey, but that if Whites had the will and strength to regain control over the Federal government, they could deport and ethnically cleanse nonWhites from the entire country, rather than dividing it. Since they do not, and are unlikely to, the best avenue towards balkanization is actually a weakening or abdication of federal power. The hosts and Roper then discussed the emerging Hispanic majority in the southwest and black majority in the southeastern U.S., and the White flight from those regions in response, which is exacerbating the emergence of at least three ethnostates.

The immediate response from listeners to the program has been heavy interest in obtaining copies of ‘The Balk’, which can be found on Lulu for those who prefer not to do business with Amazon. ‘The Balk’ is also available for $5.00 cheaper, at just $10.00, here through Barnes & Noble booksellers online.

What do YOU think will be America’s future? How do YOU think this corrupt multiracial empire will be divided?