Here is the Fundraiser page for Jacob Goodwin’s legal defense fund, if you would like to contribute via credit or debit card online.

Jacob Goodwin is a brave young man who has been arrested in Arkansas pending extradition for a warrant out of Charlottesville, VA.. Support free speech. Please help his family and friends with his legal defense fundraiser. Any amount would be appreciated.

Jacob Goodwin, a 22 year old young man who has never had so much as a parking ticket, is alleged to have defended himself against a brutal, violent thug who has already been charged with assault in the incident. A politically motivated witch-hunt led to charges being filed against Jacob, as well. Now, he has been arrested and is facing extradition to Virginia. Lawyers for his legal defense have been procured both in Arkansas and Virginia, but his family and friends desperately need your help with his legal defense bills. Please give however much you can, as this will be an ongoing and uphill legal battle which will take some time to resolve. Every dollar received goes directly to his legal fees. Every donation helps. If you cannot give, then please share this with those who can, and God bless you.