Fox 16, Little Rock: Interviews a Mexican neighbor portrayed as angelic, pretends that Jacob was “hiding out” at his parents’ house.

New York Times: DeAndre Harris’s lawyer, covering for his black client who is on the run after being charged with assault in the incident, claims that the instigator of the violence quit his job and moved away from Charlottesville.

Arkansas Democrat Gazette: The comments on this version of the story reveal just how deeply divided and polarized America is, irrevocably.

KARK 4, Little Rock: They share much of their reporting with Channel 16, now, the NBC and Fox coverage being combined and edited by morbidly obese extreme leftist Max Brantley of the Arkansas Times.

In Los Angeles, Houston, Duluth, Roanoke, and a dozen other newspapers this morning, online and in print, the stories are often cribbed from previous versions, sliced and diced into column length blurbs. They all carry a similar anti-White slant. In fact, it’s difficult to differentiate the not so subtle editorializing from the Jewish controlled mainstream media from the openly polemic Communist and Black Lives Matter articles celebrating Jacob’s arrest. At this point, they’re all one and the same. Our enemies.

Those who would like to help out with Jacob Gooden’s legal defense fund using a credit or debit card online can use this fundraising site:

Contributions to his legal defense fund via cash, money order, or check may be made to: Billy Roper, P.O. Box 1937, Mountain View, AR 72560. Thank you!