by Billy Roper

The instability of the current American political system, reflected in the increased polarization and division of the population into diametrically opposed camps, has increased global tensions from North Korea to Venezuela. Wherever the potential next external war originates, it now is likely to go nuclear. There’s a high probability that such an escalation would decapitate the government of the United States, creating a vacuum of power and resulting abdication of sovereignty over much of the nation. This would certainly result in a civil war between relatively racially homogeneous regions, causing the balkanization of the country and the rise of ethnostates. Yes, including White ethnostates, fam.

Think about where the nearest U.S. military bases, ports, air fields and training centers and depots are to you, as well as cities of over 100,000 in population. These are the primary and secondary targets you can expect to be hit in a wide-scale nuclear attack. If you’re within five miles of any of the above, either move or dig down really, really deep, as in a couple of basement levels deep, and plan on staying there for a year. With modern nuclear weapons, especially intercontinental ballistic missiles, five miles one way or another off target is well within the margin of error, anyway.

If you’re not directly in a target zone, but would like to see what effects you can expect from different scenarios and strikes on the targets nearest to you, you can use this handy app website to enter the location and any of a number of sizes of bombs, to see how different levels of attacks would effect your area.