by Tom Purcell

It’s zero hour.  26 Million Germans have lost their homes and loved ones to diabolical bombing and annihilation of their historic cities. One out of every three German children lost their fathers. Survivors are elderly men, children, and repeatedly raped and abused German women.

Most German men that endured the Russian and Allied invasions are now being hunted and destroyed. Many are tortured and enslaved, and many women and children are enlisted to rebuild an infrastructure that was recently destroyed by their captors. Revenge and reprisals are indulged, and the horrors are so vile they defy description…such horrors that make one question everything he/she has ever known, including faith in God. As for too many, it seemed as though God turned his back, especially for Germans.

There aren’t any Hollywood blockbusters, or TV docudramas about the German people, and their suffering under occupation, which began in 1945. Germany was carved up for exploitation and extortion, to the benefit of, primarily, the Soviet Union and United States. Germany has been squeezed, and plundered for decades, and the prolonged rape continues today. Generations of German youth have been…reeducated…taught revised histories that were to the benefit of their extorters.

In 1945, regular German people were forced to dig their own graves, and were murdered in alarming numbers. Women, children, elderly, non-Germans who were only guilty of speaking the German language, all and then some, were forced to dig their own graves before their slaughter. These practices were mostly that of the Russians, but Americans also committed horrific crimes against humanity. Few, if any, were prosecuted for their actions. They remain nameless monsters, unleashed by the darkest era ever known, often sent by the whip into battle, as Red Army policy became to kill their own soldiers who wouldn’t submit themselves as cannon fodder for the superior German armies.

Has there ever been a holocaust claim of ____ million Germans exterminated? Has there ever been any sympathy or retribution for the millions of German women that suffered repeated and prolonged rape, abuse, unwanted pregnancies severe health complications and subsequent suicides?  Did they deserve this hell?

In the East, public executions of Germans were carried out. And not just public executions of Nazi Officers, but German children as young as six years old were hanged in public. During the war, despite all of the horror stories and movies, there is no record of Germans holding public executions for their enemy’s children. There aren’t records of mass rapes and torture committed by Germans, because they didn’t practice or devise such policies as military branches.  Not that Germans were perfect and as Armageddon consumed Germany, the final death throws of a glorious manifestation of a nation would also include vengeance and atrocities.

Did German soldiers also rape and pillage? It was war, and logic tells us, of course some did. However, the German military forces were more disciplined, and committed to their cause than any military force since, and there were no mass rapes and genocides of their enemies. Relatively small infractions could warrant the worst of punishments for a German soldier. Strict codes and the harshness of consequences when broken, while unkind to say the least, perpetuated highly disciplined, cohesive units.

When the war became untenable for the German military, naturally many suffering, starving Germans turned on their leadership, because they saw no purpose to continue fighting when facing inevitable defeat. Conditions were unimaginable for the German soldier, and it’s absolutely fathomable to have wanted out of such a mess, especially as a young person.  Especially, in the east.. Wehrmacht and Waffen SS memoirs reflect the despair, and transition of feelings towards the party, but until the end the vast majority of Germans remained deeply patriotic and loyal to the Reich.

If the counter argument to this article is; “Auschwitz, Treblinka, ovens” and so on, for one thing it’s not a comparable practice to war or post war occupation, and secondly, images from ‘Schindler’s List’, ‘The Pianist’, ‘The Boy in the Striped Pajamas’, and so many other films are in fact, artistic works of propaganda, not realistic points of reference to history.  And, the Auschwitz legacy has lost most of its Hollywood mystique.

A single source of reference for this article could be ‘Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947’, by Thomas Goodrich. This title aside, can you name a film, a TV documentary, or literature that explains clearly, in detail, what a German life was like, from 1945-1947 and beyond? Or for that matter, the specific events that led up to the conflict between Bolshevism and Nazism?

It is the ungraspable scope of mankind’s greatest self-inflicted cataclysm that is repeated. The chronicles of international politics in the late 19th and early 20th centuries are seldom told but when told, they are edited snippets and whispers of critical facts, then right back to the bludgeoning of the same dead horse…the swastika, the H-words and implicit guilt of the German people.

Why are the paramount reasons for WWII glossed over, in favor of the glories and tragedies of Blitzkrieg, the so called “holocaust”, the D-day invasion, and the depiction of madness of German ideals, and their leadership? Why are 13 year old American children forced to witness horrific, shocking images of the diseased, walking dead, and long-dead bodies being bulldozed into pits, on black and white film?

After pondering the preceding questions posed to you, please think of how many movies, TV documentaries and so on, that demonize all things German, all things Nazi, while glorifying Allied heroism, especially American heroics. Might there be bias in the constant flow of said virtues, events and evils? Has there ever been a significant mainstream media chronical of those caught between the Soviets and Germans? To most, Germans were liberators. The Bolsheviks, the Russians were occupiers.

Public schools, and likely most private schools, preach to remember the so called “holocaust” and evil Nazis but, are not taught the geopolitical details and history in Europe. They are not taught any depth, or with any emphasis, American and European history, or history in general for that matter. We all agree, I believe, that understanding history is the starting point for future peace and prosperity. People, young and old, are not being taught who the Rothschild family is, who Theodore Herzl was, what the Balfour Declaration meant, and the history of the Jews in Russia and Europe.

All of this, then glossing over religions in general, and their ideals, essentially washing out religious faiths, this is the manner in which  American public schools teach history – to accept everyone else, reject nothing, and influencing our growing young to, generally behave compliantly, and to be docile.  To be of European/White descent, is to be guilty in today’s culture.

It’s up to you and I to ask important questions, to educate ourselves, our friends and most of all our children, how to listen with both ears when being lectured on these events. History’s natural virtue is mystery, where answers hide and truths reside. Filtering the media is absolutely necessary in this age, especially when someone as part of an institution, is telling us what happened, and why.

It’s necessary, in my opinion to learn more about life under immediate Soviet and American occupation, for Germans early in the post war era. Here is a poignant description, extracted from, ‘Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947’, by Thomas Goodrich:


Hellstorm – Exposing the Real Genocide of Nazi Germany