These two beautiful historical items, generously contributed by an Arkansas Traditionalist Worker Party member for Jacob Goodwin’s legal defense fund, are authentic W.W. II era German artifacts.

It’s a package deal for BOTH pieces of rare memorabilia:

A genuine W.W.II German Wehrmacht 25 year long service medal, first class. These were presented ONLY to German army veterans who had served for a quarter century, bearing the “25” on the back and the German eagle and swastika on the front.

AND, a 1933 Brandenburg Gate rally postcard, with 6 pfenig stamp, addressed and mailed with hand-written message on the back. It was mailed from Oppen to Ziegenhals. Authentic and original.

As before, please place bids for both items (together) in the comments section, and thank you for helping with Jacob’s legal defense fund.

You can give directly to Jacob Goodwin’s legal defense fund HERE.