by William A. White (White prisoner)

Negro Mamie, and, Congresswoman (D-FL) Frederica Wilson is a little upset. The other day, a fuzzy headed little bastard she plucked out of a housing project, LaDavid Johnson, was killed in Niger, a country which half of America thinks is named Nigger, and, the other half, like Williams herself, thinks is Nigeria. Being black, Williams is unable to understand both personal responsibliity, and, that there are government jobs out there that aren’t a form of affirmative action. Thus, Williams is upset, enraged, and, almost in tears that a black boy she sent into combat with Obama’s unqualified, untrained, incompetent, multi-cultural military got killed while illegally occupying an African country which he had no business being in.

According to Williams, when US President Donald Trump called Johnson’s “widow”, a screeching, ignorant, hood rat with a name as illiterate as “La”-David’s own, Trump noted that Johnson had signed up to got into combat, and, he got killed doing what he loved. To Williams, though, this was incomprehensible. Instead, on CNN, Williams recounted how she pulled strings to make sure that her little fuzzy head was not only accepted into the military, but, promoted beyond his competence, and, placed into a unit, the Green Berets, where he did not belong. In America’s Negro communities, this kind of graft is just par for the course; most black politicians build their careers on getting fellow members of the “hood” community cushy government positions where the check comes regularly, and, they are not required to do any work (except, perhaps, insult white people who come into their office seeking governmental services.) To Williams’ shock, a position in the Green Berets is not the same, though, as a job approving government contracts, or, rubber stamping permits, and, papers. If you put someone in it whose not competent to perform, they get killed, just like little “La-“David did. Worse, “La-“David didn’t even get killed by real soldiers; instead, he was massacred by a bunch of Africans.

Williams is upset that Donald Trump had trouble with “La-“David’s name. But, why shouldn’t he have had trouble? The name was deliberately selected to be stupid, outside of social norms, and, not worth remembering, much like Williams herself. But, more importantly, Williams is upset that reality came, and, smacked her right in her corrupt, blubbering, ignorant, face.

The Judaic media, the direct beneficiaries of illegitimate neo-colonial occupation operations like that “La-“David was engaged in, are, of course, portrarying the dupe Johnson as a “hero”, and, piling onto Trump. But, as these hypocrites bleat out their lies for the day, in their hearts, they know America’s motto: that war is not about dying for your country, but, in making some other poor sucker die for your country. What they celebrate in “La-“David Johnson is not a hero, but, the poor sucker that they got to die so that they can continue to dominate, and, exploit, American workers.

Trump, in response, has trundled out General John Kelly, whose own son was killed in the equally pointless US occupation of Afghanistan. Kelly, who denounced Williams from the podium, cuts a pathetic figure of his own. Kelly’s speech talked about how, when he was young, things were sacred, things like honor, and, women, and, dying for one’s country. Kelly then seemed mystified that the United States he now lives in holds nothing sacred, and, that everything that was ever considered to be decent is now grist for the political mill. But, what Kelly cannot face is that he created the current multi-cultural hellhole that is the United States of America. Kelly has spent his life telling himself that he has been fighting for the American people. But, Kelly never fought for the American people. The American people had no say in any of the illegitimate wars, and, occupations, that Kelly participated in. Kelly went out, and, fought for the right of an alien, Judaic, elite to steal from both the American people, and, the world. And, moreso than less, Kelly won that war. He installed at the head of American society a Judaic elite, he transferred much of America’s wealth into their hands, and, he allowed them to program American society so that all of the things that Kelly though he was fighting for were destroyed.

No surprise that this drama coincided with a speech from George Bush repeating the lie that no one really believes anymore, that America is a “creedal” country, and, that any attempt to transform America into a real nation is “heresy”. There is no such thing as a “creedal” nation. A nation is a group of people who are descended from a common birth, hence the use of the root of “nativity” in “nation”. When a governing entity grows to encompass peoples who do not share a common birth with its founders, it ceases to be a “nation”, and, becomes an illegitimate entity. And, illegitimacy is something that the United States transitioned into many, many, decades ago. The reason that there is nothing held “sacred” in the United States is that there is no common ethno-cultural heritage to draw upon; the only culture that America knows is the hateful anti-culture of the followers of the Satan Thoth-Judah. And, it is the scumbags, the goyim liars like George Bush who have collaborated with the Satan Judah that are responsible for the chaos, and, confusion, that the United States is sinking into today.

Frederica Williams should sit back, and, think “why shouldn’t the people of Niger have killed my little fuzzy head?” She won’t do that because a semi-literate ape like her isn’t capable of thinking. But, in the killing of “La-“David Johnson, Williams has been brought face to face with the brutality of tribal Africa that her ancestors were lucky enough to have been plucked out of for a few hundred years. Even in Africa, where the “people” aren’t even completely human, the tribes know that they have a certain bloodline, and, a certain piece of land, and, if they want to keep having it, they have to defend it against all comers. America, which has no business intervening in Africa’s tribal wars no matter what stupid banner the primitives have erected for the moment, is one of those “all comers”. And, if you take an unqualified ghetto “youth”, and, pull strings to get him sent into combat, you aren’t parking him in a comfortable corner office where he can play “young Negro executive” for a while, you’re are sending him into an environment which American Negroes just aren’t prepared for — an environment where they have to perform. And, failure in that environment doesn’t mean that you miss the next promotion beyond your capability, it means that you get packed in ice, and, shipped back to some screaming ape-woman for a closed casket funeral.