by Pure Intensity

It was different for everyone, the tipping point. For me it was Oprah. Aussies are very laid back, for years, Arnotts sold the ‘gollywog’ biscuit without anyone complaining. She sees it in a supermarket and chucks a fit. Whines relentlessly on Aussie media, until eventually Arnotts cucks, and pulls the biscuit from the shelves.

Obviously it happened much earlier than that. I am 41. I don’t buy fast food often, but when I do I am shocked at what I see. In Australia, the wage is based on age, so everyone working in a fast food joint, including managers, is under 18. Not a white soul to be seen. What the hell are our kids going through at school?

Aussies didn’t complain about Oprah chucking a fit. We found it amusing. We are a laid back bunch. Perhaps that has been our undoing…

Yeah both sides of politics have been against ‘asylum seekers’. But it has cost us a fortune. Both economically and morally.

Each ‘refugee’ we have put off shore, has cost us more than if we put them in a mansion and gave them 100 grand a year in living allowance.

Morally, they have been housed in shit conditions. Unsafe and unsanitary. Their women raped by guards and the locals.

It is like we are paying for not allowing them onto our shores.

Still, as much as that costs us, it is a red herring. Year by year, scores of non-whites enter this country legally.

Hence why I turned around and did a double take in the fast food joint, and asked myself ‘christ woman, have you not being paying attention?’

I can’t buy a gun to protect myself. Well I could. First I would to have a good reason, like being a sport shooter enthusiast. Then I would have to spend 12 months at the gun range (my gun kept there). Eventually I would be allowed to take it home. But I couldn’t take it anywhere but on the drive from my home to the gun range. At home, I would have to keep it somewhere secure (like a safe), and keep the bullets somewhere else secure. So if someone broke in, they could slit my throat before I could even remember the fucking combination.

As far as we compare to America, there are good things, and really bad things. For example, when an Indig reporter suggested that we change the plague under Captain Cook, and rename several towns, Politicians were quick to point out that they were not going to re-write history (didn’t stop Antifa from desecrating the statue).

However, what can I say? I don’t know because Australian law is deliberately vague. Can I say that I am not fond of Jews? Not the best idea, given that holocaust deniers have been refused entry. How about something less controversial. How about I simply say that I think that light skinned aboriginals have been playing the system in order to gain benefits? Oh I best not say that, the guy who did got prosecuted…

What is happening in Europe is tragic. What is happening in the former colonies is equally tragic. Every colony has a mix of European identities, and that mix is different. What occurred in America was different to what occurred in Australia etc.
It was a mix of Europeans, combined with an unfamiliar landscape, and that is what made Aussies different to Americans different to NZs.