Gretchen reviews ‘Hasten the Day’ by Billy Roper. …“The book references a lot of popular culture and even includes the Islamic State in it’s storyline. The first of a series, it traces the career of McNabb, who commands the White forces against all the rest, in a quest to secure a part of the United States when the inevitable balkanisation occurs. The South secedes, but this time it is lead by Black nationalists who are wanting to create a new Africa in the South. The Mormons feature a lot and the book is quite comical and satirical, with most characters being based on members of the controlled opposition. It is an insider’s book with many references to the movement that readers might identify with and in doing so, it lets us know where the author’s sympathies lie…”

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The most read and reviewed fiction book by any living White Nationalist author.

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Part of the Hasten The Day trilogy.