The following is a detailed, insightful, and at times humorous report on the White Lives Matter rally weekend by Derek Gooden, the ShieldWall Network state contact for Tennessee, who was the officer in charge of all ShieldWall Network Phalanx who participated in the event.

White Lives Matter After Action Report

The original plan for the weekend of 28 October 2017 was to have dual White Lives Matter demonstrations in both Shelbyville and Murfreesboro, TN. There was some talk of doing something flashy on the evening of Friday the 27th but the heavy and steady rain kept organizers and participants from getting anything exciting going. On the morning of 28 October the ShieldWall Network members arrived at the Wal-Mart in Pulaski at a staging point arranged for both SWN and TWP members. We arrived promptly at 0800 and Matt Heimbach and his crew started showing up as well. As we gathered in the parking lot and several participants went into Wal-Mart to buy a few extra layers of clothing the local Pulaski Police Department arrived on the scene. Both of the officers were black males and came over and asked to speak to “the leader” of the gathering. Heimbach walked up and shook their hands and they had a short chat and left. All smiles and everything appeared fine. The Pulaski Police Department handled themselves professionally and without incident. Heimbach told us of the meet up point for us to drive to in Shelbyville and we headed out for the roughly 45 minute drive in a convoy of many vehicles.

As we arrived in Shelbyville we were met with what appeared to be the scene of a natural disaster or some kind of local biological outbreak. Four helicopters circled the area overhead. Two drones added to the aerial coverage.Large vehicles, including an armored military vehicle, blocked what was a 5 lane entryway into the city and we were routed towards our parking area. Snipers were strategically placed at high points including on top of banks and other tall buildings. Automatic weapons with silencers were numerous. Local police, state police, sheriff department and TBI were out in force, many in full tactical uniforms, several with shields. We soon saw the gathered numbers of NSM and LoS participants parking and unloading in a parking lot nearby. Law enforcement directed us to a parking area but it was clearly too small for our number of vehicles. It took some time for all of the Nationalist participants and leadership to park and get unloaded. We gathered around in a large parking area as Dr. Hill of the LoS announced that we would have a Christian prayer before heading in. Dr. Hill gave what was a very appropriate prayer asking God for strength, courage in the face of our enemies and protection. We then headed down the hill towards the checkpoint which was heavily manned. While waiting for the line to filter through the pat downs and metal detecting wands I was able to give interviews to Lee University and a media outlet from Germany. After passing through the checkpoint my son Conor and I had a good long talk/interview with a media reporter based currently in New York but mainly in London. I answered questions for a bit and then we got into a very interesting conversation about the state of things in England and Europe. While he said he did not agree with ALL of what we said he did indeed state that things in England and Europe were getting worse with each passing day and that no matter what the media reports said the immigration issue is THE MAIN reason BY FAR why the people voted for Brexit. At this time the crowd, mostly through the checkpoint, began moving to the area where we would be having our demonstration.

We arrived to the typical chants from the degenerate left. From “hey hey ho ho fascist Nazis have got to go” to the overused “no nazis, no KKK no fascist USA”. I am honestly not sure what our numbers were but we easily filled the area given to us by local law enforcement. Our side was stacked deep from the front fence to the one behind us. The other side appeared to have a few more but going back through videos now on youtube I can see that they were spread much thinner along the front rail. The numbers appeared to be very close to equal. You would never know this, of course, by the mainstream media reports that sometimes claim we were outnumbered 8 to 1. This is absolutely ridiculous. Many speakers then took turns using our PA system and letting their voices be heard. At one point our side was infiltrated by a leftist posing as a member of the press. Once he was discovered for who and what he was he was quickly shoved back and almost given a boot party when officers pulled him from the group and arrested him. This was, of course, reported by the media as an arrest on our side. The fact is that we had zero arrests in Shelbyville on our side. During the actual demonstration I gave an interview to media outlets from France and Japan. The media outlets from Europe to whom I gave interviews seemed VERY interested in the growing white nationalist movement in the US. All of our groups stayed focused and worked well together to pull off a well run demonstration in Shelbyville.

We then began leaving the demonstration area and returning to our vehicles to leave when we were told by LoS leadership that the Murfreesboro event was canceled. I sought out and spoke with LoS leader Michael Hill and he explained to me that LoS attorneys had called and got wind of an apparent trap set by the City of Murfreesboro. This information together with other bits I accumulated later put the picture together more clearly. While the LoS had filed for a permit to demonstrate in Murfreesboro the city had delayed responding. After a period of time the City told LoS they did not NEED a permit to hold the demonstration. Apparently the trap was to declare the demonstration illegal as no permit had been granted and couple this with a staged fight or brawl as an excuse to execute mass arrests on the Nationalist side and then issue lawsuits against all participating organizations. Despite the mainstream media reports that we had not gone to Murfreesboro because of our poor numbers or high opposition numbers the above is the TRUTH as to why we did not go to Murfreesboro. The decision that was made was a good one. That is that.

We then traveled by caravan to Henry Horton State Park where we had a great time socializing and eating sandwiches and chips and drinking sodas provided. We listened to speeches by Dr. Hill and also the Goodwins who read a letter from Jacob and thanked everyone for their support. They specifically mentioned Billy Roper and the ShieldWall Network and Mrs. Goodwin said she literally would not know what to do if was not for the support of Billy and the ShieldWall. More money was then raised for Jacob’s legal fees. During our entire time at the park a law enforcement helicopter circled overhead that had followed us from Shelbyville. Eventually the gathering decided to give them something to look at and we all moved into the field and formed a human swastika. It was hilarious with the frequent question of “are you a Jew?! You don’t know how to form a swastika?!” as people stepped out of place. Fun times. At one point Billy called me and told me that locals who had showed up in Murfreesboro to support us had been cornered by Antifa and assorted leftists.

I ran over and told the crowd about this and jumped into my car with Michael C. to head that way. We got about 5 minutes down the road mentioning to each other that we were probably going to get our asses kicked but meh we weren’t going to just stand by and do nothing when I called a reporter who was at the Murfreesboro square and she told me that our supporters got out safely after a hairy few minutes. Michael and I then returned to the park. By this time park rangers and police had sealed off the road leading into our area and were only allowing friendlies in. By this time word was on twitter and other social media about our location and Antifa was making its way towards us. We decided to leave and head towards Antioch for a 6:20pm formup to flashmob the church in Antioch where the shooting had taken place. Funny moment. I left with David Holloway and Michael C. in my car and started driving out of the park. We had seen Rhino escorting the Goodwins to their vehicle. We get a phone call from Rhino. “Dude!! Where did you guys go?!” LOL. We circled back past the park police checkpoint and there he was standing alone at the pavilion just past 2 members of law enforcement who seemed to be casually watching him. I pulled up next to the cops and said, “hey guys Antifa are on their way so you should be having some fun soon.” The cop replied, “yeah since you guys left them with nothing to do in Murfreesboro!” and he and his partner both laughed.

We grabbed Rhino and left the park passing a state trooper sub station on the way out that was TEEMING with troopers. Many of them smiled and waved as we passed. Yet another instance of law enforcement being professional and orderly. We left and headed towards Antioch. As we exited the interstate in Antioch I picked up a Nashville metro police tail. After a few turns that he matched and as we approached the Home Depot location that was the rally point on go his lights. I suddenly remembered my 30 day temp tag on my newly acquired vehicle had expired. FAIL. The young white male officer pulled in behind me and approached the passenger side of the vehicle. Rhino rolled down his window and the officer leaned in and said, “hey guys how are you today? What are you guys up to?” I responded “just cruising around officer”. He asked for my license and proof of insurance and also asked for ID from Rhino, Michael C. and David Holloway. We complied. He returned to his cruiser to run our names. He came back after a couple of quick minutes and leaned down and said, “okay. I have 4 guys here with 4 drivers licenses from 4 different states and you guys are just OUT CRUISING AROUND?” Without a blink I said, “yessir”. “You guys didnt’ happen to be in Murfreesboro today did you?” I replied, “no sir. We aren’t in Antifa or BLM. We are the OTHER guys!” He smiled and said, “okay guys have a nice day” and handed back our licenses and left. Another professional, if perhaps hilarious, interaction with TN law enforcement. We checked the parking lot and noticed other SWN guys present and called them and told them to leave the parking area and come join us across the way at Steak N Shake so as not to give away the plan to anyone who spotted them standing there early. We arrived at Steak N Shake and set down to an early dinner. Eleven of us present.

Our waiter was changed twice, something I mentioned to the manager as suspicious but despite the odd look from time to time we were not directly harassed or antagonized. We got the call at 5:58pm that the flash event at the church had been canceled as law enforcement and antifa had arrived at the location. We relaxed and then at 6:12pm we were called and told to be at home depot in 6 minutes as it was on again. We drove across the street and joined a good sized number of our comrades who seemed to be preparing to move out. After a short time the event was once again called off and at that point I decided the day was over as mention of bar hopping soon began to be heard. I headed home to Murfreesboro and began the efforts to counter the social media drivel against us.

This ends the after action report but I need to commend each and every member of the ShieldWall who took part in this weekends events. I had ZERO complaints about ANYONE and the entire group acted disciplined and orderly. Michael C. is to be commended for his willingness to join me in an ass beating. (OUR assbeating but hey) Rhino was a constant companion and his humor and level head are both welcome at these events. David Holloway was ever present and had a camera constantly at the ready. I can not understate the importance of having someone to document these events and the people who take part in them. I really appreciate every shot and every second of video that David takes. His efforts are absolutely vital and I have no doubt that one day they will be viewed with some level of awe as to what he has captured over the development of our movement. Thank you so much David and also for picking up the dinner tab for many of us at Steak N Shake.

Here endeth the rather lengthy documentation of the weekend. I know I have left out some names because I mainly mentioned those who I actually spend a good deal of time with either riding in my car or standing close beside me. Do not think that this means I value the other’s participation any less. Each is to be commended and thanked for their contribution to our people this weekend. Each and every person matters in this, our continuing struggle.

Derek Gooden

ShieldWall Network TN State Contact

29 October 2017

Murfreesboro, TN