by Paul Fromm
Just imagine a concert where women or Negroes in the front rows, despite having paid for their tickets and seats, were told to get up and go to the back of the hall to create a privileged `’safe space’ for Whites. 
You can just hear the squeals of indignation. A human rights commission investigation would be ordered forthwith. Every politicians of whatever stripe would be tripping over themselves to denounce the event and order the organizers banned from whatever they could ban them from. The venue would roundly denounce whoever made such a demand.
Well, near total silence and no official condemnations greeted a racist, anti-White demand from Lido Pimienta, a  singer and non-White import from Colombia who regularly demands that Whites and men vacate their sets and go to the back of the hall. 
A White woman refused to give up her seat and has been denounced as a racist by the Halifax Pop Explosion and banned from volunteering again. The White victim becomes the villain.
Pimienta is virulently anti-White, with exactly the anti-Canadian values former Tory candidate Kellie Leitch would like to have seen immigrants screened for. The Walrus (October 16, 2017) noted: `’Pimienta, now thirty-one, was a teen when she moved with her mother to London, Ontario, from her native Barranquilla, Colombia. She’s since been vocal about the hypocrisy of a national identity that flaunts its multiculturalism while its cultural institutions clumsily fumble at meaningful, diverse representation—that ostracizes minorities while occupying stolen Indigenous land. This particular conflict about Canadian self-definition is a personal one for Pimienta. In an interview last year, she told me that while she sometimes feels like she’s not Colombian anymore,’I know that I’m definitely not Canadian either.’”
Writer Ian Miles Cheong reports: `’A music festival in Halifax, Canada has apologized for “overt racism” following a volunteer staffer’s refusal to move to the back because she is Caucasian.
According to the National Post, performer Lido Pimienta, who won the 2017 Polaris Prize, frequently asks all white members of her audience to move to the back and give up their seats to non-white audience members. They must do so regardless of whether they pay more for their seating.
The Halifax Pop Explosion music festival is apologizing for the actions of a photographer who refused to acquiesce to Pimienta’s request during her October 19 show. Her refusal to do so was considered an “interruption” and deemed an act of “overt racism,” according to the festival’s board of directors, who are now promising to make changes to the event.
The board promises to improve “anti-oppression and anti-racism training” for their staff next year, essentially asking them to give in to the demands of people who supposedly face more oppression than they do.

Canadian Music Festival Says Sorry For ‘Racist’ White Staffer Who Didn’t Want To Move To The Back