Marvin Leterrius Spencer is a parasite. Alternately shilling for da gibs to get other people to pay his rent so he won’t get evicted, or for his “cancer”, this obsolete farm machinery and self-styled social anarchist is an anti-White activist in central Arkansas who now is going to get some attention, regardless of his mask and attempt to hide his identity.
On his facebook page, where he literally shills for apartment rent, StepandFetchit posts a picture of Harrison, Arkansas, burning…when in reality, as he himself admits, Antifa have repeatedly been punked out in Harrison, and proven too gutless to even come out and play, when confronted, despite their threats to shut us down.
The time when we simply defended our region of the state, the White areas, is over. Now, The ShieldWall Network is expanding as we grow in numbers and reach. That means that we’re becoming more active in central Arkansas. Patriots can use his social media footprint to find and doxx all of his friends and supporters, since he has publicly stated that this tactic is exactly what undermines the gutless Communists, Anarchists, BLM, and Antifa most. That, and following up face to face, in real life, which most of them aren’t willing to do.
(The Real)
Address: 1111 Brice St, Sherwood, AR 72120
DOB: 02/26/1989Age: 28