Okay folks, not to be a Scrooge, but the reality is, Jacob Goodwin will almost certainly still be sitting right where he is, in the Charlottesville jail, at Christmas time. Of course, it goes without saying that what Jacob would most like for Christmas this year is to be free again. We’d like nothing better than to be able to give that present to him, but it may be delayed a bit.

The ShieldWall Network are going to all sign a box of cards and send them to him spaced out over a few days at our next meeting on December 2nd, but all he’s asked for for presents, is books. So, if you can go to Amazon (or Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million or Lulu.com, whichever you prefer) and order a book for Jacob that you think he might like, then put his HIS ADDRESS in the shipping address, so that it comes from the publisher, the jail should accept it and deliver it to him.

Here are some of the books on his wish list: ‘Might is Right’, ‘March Of The Titans’, ‘Civil War II’, and every book in the Billy Roper catalog. He’s already being sent the ‘Hasten The Day trilogy’, so that only leaves ten more! Once you order a book for Jacob, please comment so we won’t send him duplicates. Thanks!

Here is his address:

Jacob Goodwin #634728, 160 Peregory Ln, Charlottesville, VA 22902