by Billy Roper

(Technically, I understand that the Jamestown colonists celebrated a day of Thanksgiving in 1619, a year earlier, but since they were operating under the auspices of the British crown and the pilgrims were independent, I still like the traditional story.)

We here at The ShieldWall Network would like to take the opportunity, as we enter this Holiday season, to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. We’d also, if it is needed, like to remind you that Thanksgiving is a Holiday remembering the White Christian origins of our nation, and was not originally a multicultural love-fest. Thanksgiving is a time to think of those bold, courageous White men and women who crossed a storm-tossed ocean in a rickety wooden ship called The Mayflower in 1620 for separation, to avoid corruption by the mainstream, trendy, sinful society of anything-goes which they were escaping. They left behind everything they knew, for their children’s future, to make a new start in a new place, just as many Whites are doing today, moving from multiracial areas of the U.S., to flyover country, the red states, the Heartland, which we call New America, the future home of our new nation, after balkanization. They hacked from a wilderness populated only by stone-aged savages, a great nation. So, we take this opportunity each year to remember them, and that nation which once was, and will be, once again.

But Thanksgiving is a time, most of all, for taking stock of how fortunate we are, and for appreciating our blessings. Of course, those blessing are not measured in bank accounts, in stuff, or in things, or physical possessions, but rather in our loved ones; in people, not possessions.

Our family will be hosting about thirty fellow ShieldWall Network members for our Holiday feast tomorrow. Some of them may not have any blood family to celebrate the Holiday with, but they are all family to us.

With that in mind, since it is the people who matter most, we’d like to also remind you of the opportunity to help us help a needy White family this Holiday season by partnering with us in the Cover Our People With Love pro-White charity, and choosing to help provide some groceries, warm winter clothes, help with a heating bill, or toys for children, for one of the less fortunate White families who have been nominated for the White Family Drive, this year. We appreciate your generosity and love, and know that they will, too. It’s not the size or amount that you can help with which matters, but just everyone giving a little, that will really make a difference. It’s not about one person giving a lot, but a lot of people, giving a little, which will add up for one family. You’ll feel good to have helped, too. So, let a hungry and cold White child count on you to be their hero this Holiday season, with your gift. More hand-crocheted blankets, caps, and scarves will be mailed out next week to a needful White child, each crafted with love by my wife, Tina Roper. If you’d like to donate yarn or quilting fabric and material, or contributions to help purchase them, that would be a great blessing this Holiday season. You can send your gift through the mail to P.O. Box 1937, Mountain View, Arkansas, 72560, or through paypal to And once again, thank you for helping us, help our people!

Happy Thanksgiving!