From every different angle and perspective, the rising consciousness is realizing, civil war is coming to America.

More and more everyday people are talking about it, in code, tentatively, but ever more boldly. Many are dreading. Some are anticipating. A few are ready.

It’s being used to sell products, faith, and even other ideas, because the idea sells itself.

Have you thought about it? Do you recognize the signs that it’s getting closer and closer? What have you done to make sure that you and your family survive? What have you done to take advantage of the coming opportunity to WIN?

Have you moved out of enemy occupied territory, yet? Are YOU networked with like-minded and prepared people in your area?

If you want to know how and why and when, read this book.

Give it someone you love and care enough about to want to see survive what is coming. It’s the one Christmas present that just may save their life.