by Billy Roper

With the Pacific Ocean potentially becoming a Chinese lake, and the balkanization of America foreseeable, will New America’s future be landlocked, or lebensraum?

In another example of America’s failure at foreign policy and China’s ascendancy, after publicly calling Obama a “son of a whore” and signing a new trade deal with China, the Philippines President asked U.S. forces to leave his nation. China has recently started building naval bases on reefs, the  Scarborough Shoal, which had formerly been Philippine territory. With them in place, they will more firmly control the South China Sea, and beyond.

China has just made a deal with the East African country of Djibouti to build a deep water naval port there, and a base which will be home to 10,000 Chinese troops. The purpose of the new port there will be to secure the transport of oil tankers full of the petroleum which China continues to buy up from throughout the Middle East. New Chinese bases in Sri Lanka are also under construction. China is  currently building its second aircraft carrier, the first one they’re constructing entirely at home, to patrol the South China Sea from Vietnam to Indonesia, another major oil producer.

The current and ongoing crisis on the Korean peninsula shows that despite our bluster, the United States is powerless to effect regime change on Lil’ Kim. Or, as an even greater sign of the coming fall, the U.S. lacks the will to exercise its power. More of that will be coming, including domestically.

After the Chinese take over the Philippines, the U.S. sphere of influence in the Pacific will be pushed back to the Hawaiian Islands, where Obama removed U.S. commercial fishing from an area five times the size of Alaska which he declared a protected ecological area, without prior Congressional approval. Of course Asian commercial fishing ships still haul in full cargo loads there, undercutting U.S. fishermen. Australia and New Zealand will have to either hunker down together and stay south of the Coral Sea, or sign “free trade” agreements with the region’s new powerhouse, too. When America balkanizes, the Chinese can use the base at Pearl Harbor to shut down the West Coast of North America. The only shipping going in and out will be shipping which they approve of, inspect, cherry-pick, and tax. The Pacific Ocean will become a virtual Chinese lake. Millions of their citizens from Vancouver to San Francisco, as well as Chinese investment in Central America and Mexico, where they already have a foothold, will close the trap.

A financial depression or stock market crash, or a currency devaluation of either the dollar or the yuan, might be the trigger which brings about the balkanization crisis internationally, as well as nationally. Actually, a devaluation of the dollar might be worse for the Chinese, and therefore more balkanizing for us, than a devaluation of their own currency.  That’s because it would demolish America’s ability to buy their stuff. The loss of the U.S. consumer market to dump their cheap goods on would cripple the Chinese economy in much the same way that the U.S. led trade embargo on Japan threatened to cripple the Japanese economy in 1941 and 1942. On July 26th, 1941, Franklin Delano Roosevelt seized all Japanese assets in the U.S., in response to Japanese forces moving through French Indo-China to attack Chinese troops. France, or more specifically the Vichy French government allied with Germany, agreed to the Japanese occupation of Cam Ranh Naval Base, 800 miles from the Philippines, again, where U.S. forces were attempting to contain Japanese expansion into the Pacific. The more things change, right? Britain and the Dutch East Indies followed the American lead. The Japanese were cut off from nearly 90% of their imported oil, and three-fourths of their total overseas trade, overnight. They only had enough strategic oil reserves to last for three years, half that long if they were on a wartime footing. By contrast, the U.S. maintains about a two month strategic oil reserve, at any given time, if we lost all production and import capacity and continued current consumption rates, today. Do the math.

In effect, just as Germany failed to do with Great Britain because of U.S. Naval convoys and the lend-lease program, even though they were an island nation, Japan felt as if it was a landlocked country. We all remember the drastic action which the Japanese were forced into, then, by 1942. They were suckered into attacking us, because Roosevelt badly wanted to get the U.S. into the fight to save Jews and Communism, and most Americans didn’t. Therefore, after taking Saigon, again with France’s permission, and expanding Eastwards, the Japanese set their sights on Pearl Harbor. They had to, to break the embargo and stay afloat. Roosevelt knew it. Don’t think the elites are above doing something similar, again.

Currently, China holds about 1.3 trillion dollars in U.S. Treasuries. This amounts to around 25% of the total U.S. debt load held overseas, and about 8% of the total U.S. debt. Now, imagine if they knew they weren’t ever going to be repaid, because the U.S. government abdicated both its power and its debts. If the West Coast of the U.S. is lost to the Chinese taking real estate as collateral for the loans which they aren’t likely to be able to collect on otherwise from the U.S., and to the Mexicans with their Reconquista, and the East Coast doesn’t become a part of New America, then the new nation will be landlocked, just like Switzerland, but with natural resources instead of banks. Austria and the Mongolian Empire are other examples of highly successful landlocked nations, but here are two other options: When America balkanizes we can hold northern Texas and the deepwater ports there, dividing New Africa and Aztlan; or, we can ethnically cleanse the Midwestern cities of Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland, and Chicago, thereby having access to the Great Lakes as I portray in my “Hasten The Day” trilogy, and have shipping through the locks and channels from the Midwest into the Atlantic. Either way, we’d have direct connection to our potential allies and trading partners in Europe, rather than facing the Chinese lake which will be the Pacific Ocean when America goes down. That, of course, would be more natural, and preferable, in the long run, for the interests of New Americans.

Remember, too, that the colonial militias only won their independence from their government which they were in revolt against, the world’s biggest superpower, because they had outside help. Third party intervention can either aid, or hurt, either speed up, or slow down, a society’s balkanization. Ancient Rome had the Visigoths, and we have the Mexicans. But the colonials had the French, so perhaps we will have the Russians. Some things, though, we’ll have to sort out on our own.

Let’s imagine the southern-most reaches of what will be New America. The Texas deep water ports of Galveston, Texas City, Houston, Port Arthur, Orange, and Beaumont, basically everything north of Port Freeport, would be within the White controlled territory, in between New Africa and Aztlan.

Aztlan will undoubtedly keep Port Lavaca, Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, and Port O’Conner on Texas’s Southeast coast. Lone Star Republic dreamers in that neck of the woods won’t have time to sing a full chorus of “The Eyes of Texas”, maybe just the lash. New Africa will have Mobile and New Orleans, even if the Florida peninsula enclave of Whites do hold out and keep Pensacola and Panama City. The New African fleet may just consist of three old inner tubes and a pontoon boat, but they’ll have nice enough facilities to start out with. So, there won’t be any monopoly on ports, or reason to immolate oneself fighting for another nation’s, for either of the three neighbors then sharing the Gulf Coast.

As far as the Great Lakes option, it won’t just be the Southwest balkanizing, once the house of cards starts to fall. Quebec could finally get their independence from Canada, and the mostly White upper New York state would be a whole different world from the downstate city. In other words, the St, Lawrence Seaway route to the Atlantic would be through White controlled areas. In fact, ironically, The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea now gives a landlocked country a right of access to and from the sea without taxation of traffic through transit states. The U.N. has a program of action to assist landlocked developing countries, not that I’d hang our futures on the potentiality of fair treatment by the U.N., but it is interesting to consider. Again, in my “Hasten The Day” trilogy, access to the Atlantic through the Great Lakes for New America is described in detail, coming about through a combination of trade relations, treaty, and conquest.

In my recent discussions with the Founding Fathers of the emerging proto-ethnostate up there in upper New England, this did come up. Their feeling is that cultural differences between the different regions of the United States are significant enough that rather than rejoining in a solid and permanent union, autonomous regional White ethnostates such as ours in Ozarkia and theirs there could cooperate and trade without combining politically. Either way, that wouldn’t affect their role as a gatekeeper for the St. Lawrence seaway, or, presumably, our access to the Atlantic.

In fact, it’s questionable whether the remaining multiracial rump state of the U.S., the strip from Boston to Richmond maybe a hundred miles wide, could feed itself for very long. Just as with the large minority populations in urban areas currently dotting the Midwest, the surrounding productive White rural populations might well blockade and lay siege to this area until they can bargain with them from a position of strength. In the Midwestern cities, in a larger scale version of what happened over and over again during the Yugoslavian civil war, 10,000 blacks from Chicago might be traded with New Africa for an equal number of White refugees from southern Mississippi. This process could be repeated multiple times, reducing the amount of unfortunate bloodshed on both sides of those who failed to relocate to the correct side of the front lines in time, before the balkanization began in earnest. We have to be willing, and open minded enough, to make treaties and keep them, with integrity, for the best interests of all involved. That’s the surest way for all of the peoples of North America to gain control of their own destinies, and ultimately, true self-government.

The area of Eastern, if you will, coastal Texas north of the Hispanic area where the deepwater ports are, wouldn’t have a major issue with blacks, either. Galveston is under 20% black, while Port Arthur has one of the highest percentages at 43%, for example, but as with elsewhere, demographic groups will be reconsolidating behind friendly lines once the ethnic cleaning begins, which will probably stop at the Louisiana border for New Africa. Northern Texas’s White population will be bolstered by European-American war refugees displaced from the central, Western, and Southern half of the state who nearly waited too long to jump from the continually heating pot of water. Without the jobs which initially drew them and through which they feed their families, the furthest-flung Mexican enclaves will collapse and retreat southwards. With that in mind, it will be crucial to allow them free evacuation transit in a singular direction, unmolested. Ideally, then, New America would therefore have two sea coasts, and two outlets to the world’s oceans. Fifty miles of heavily defended East Texas coastline could make all of the difference, especially since each of the borders would be shared by different, potentially hostile (to each other, as well) nations.

Similarly, the area of Vermont and New York where the Eerie Canal and St. Lawrence Seaway flows through once it’s past Cleveland and Buffalo is much Whiter than the area further south, towards New York City, which has the larger Jewish and other nonWhite population, predominantly. Please keep in mind that a Francophone, independent Quebec recently untied from the rest of Canada, and facing Europe, would be more drawn to France and Europe for trade than it would a rump remnant of the former U.S. which would cling to the BosNyWash corridor and the Mid-Atlantic East coast. Likewise, the prairie provinces of Canada, once the idea of our northern neighbor’s bicoastal union is destroyed by Chinese occupation of their West and secession of the East, would be drawn to the U.S. Midwestern states, with which they have much in common. Perhaps, even, to the extent of eventual political confederation. As before, the South-Central and Midwestern states, our New America, will be the breadbasket of the continent, producing most of the food crops. Europe would be eager for that grain, and the natural gas, and other resources we’d have to trade with them. In exchange, until our own industry is rebuilt, we could import finished products, technological and mechanical equipment, durable goods, vehicles, and armaments from our kindred allies across the Atlantic.

Of course it won’t be easy, or immediate. But I think establishing a link to the sea to the North or South or both is  more likely than trying to get an extremely liberal, left wing White population in the Northwest to become an ethnostate homeland, with or without a Chinese expeditionary force of peacekeeping troops staking their claim to the West Coast in order to protect the interests of their people there in the absence of a national U.S. government which can guarantee their security, as well as secure some collateral for the loans they’ve made to the U.S.. They’d have just gobbled up the Philippines and Hawaii, and be on a roll. Even now, the average citizen of the Ozarks, the Appalachians, and the Midwest is quick to openly discuss civil war and the breakup of the U.S., while Northwesterners are busy passing more gun control laws, smoking pot, and protesting racism. The left coast is toast.

In short, if you’re thinking of America’s future breakup, don’t pack away your swimming trunks just yet. Our submarines may have a place to park, after all.