Why has the Federal government lost more of the trials than they have won in the Bundy prosecution cases, so far? Obviously biased nonWhite Federal judges who shut down defense attorneys and witnesses haven’t helped their cases. Even more crucial, though, has been a growing resentment against the Federal government. Many Americans, especially away from the liberal coasts, sympathize with the Bundys and their supporters, and are disgusted by the government’s tactics and behavior.

“In the end, the narrative Bundy supporters pushed outside the Las Vegas and Portland, Oregon, courtrooms began to reflect what happened inside. It’s a compelling one: “The Bundys were arguing that the federal government is this insensitive monolith, and then you get into federal court and the way the case was presented kind of confirmed that,” Ludwig says. “Almost every witness they called was a paid government employee. There weren’t many regular people on their witness list,” Ludwig adds. Nevada lawyers followed a similar tack with witnesses. The result? “It sort of confirmed things that the defense was arguing.”

As more and more White Americans come to recognize that the government no longer represents them or their interests, and that they can no longer attempt to petition the government for a redress of grievances, this resentment and resistance will continue to grow. Ordinary White people will become revolutionaries, or sympathizers. Certainly few of them will grieve when America goes down.

In fact, they may just decorate some lamp poles with liberal latinas in black robes, like musical pinatas.