In addition to their recording an interview update on their son’s condition for next week’s The Roper Report podcast, the Goodwins had a special treat in store for Jacob’s friends at last yesterday’s ShieldWall Network meeting. A chance to talk with the political prisoner, himself!

Scott and Tamera, Jacob Goodwin’s parents, gave an impassioned plea for support for their son, the political prisoner now incarcerated in a Charlottesville, Virginia jail awaiting trial. While the update on Jacob’s condition, treatment, and defense progress was encouraging, it was frustrating to hear their dismay at the fact that despite being asked to help, the multi-millionaire activist largely responsible for promoting the Unite The Right rally has not yet contributed financially or otherwise to help Jacob or ANY of the Charlottesville defendants. However, Jacob himself called in, and was able to speak to his fellow ShieldWall Network members on speakerphone. Despite being in jail 900 miles away, Jacob literally paid to be able to speak to the Phalanx and other Shieldwall affiliates who also attended. Especially in contrast to those affiliates who were much closer and more free and did not attend, that was particularly inspiring. His parents were given $700 raised in donations to help them with their travel expenses to go and visit Jacob for his next scheduled hearing on December 14th. Those who would like to continue to help support Jacob’s commissary fund and legal defense may do so here. Always gracious, Jacob gave an inspiring talk himself to all of us assembled over the phone, and thanked the ShieldWall Network especially for their continued support. He has received the first two books which were ordered for and sent to him in jail, and was able to personally thank the people responsible for sending those, too.

The Goodwins also very generously presented selected friends with custom-made Weisse Wolf SS caps designed by Jacob for those who escorted and protected his parents at Shelbyville, as well as some delicious home-baked bread and venison sausage, homemade chocolate fudge, and homemade chicken salad sandwiches for the potluck. Copies of the governor’s letter, Jacob’s warrant letter, a letter of support from a retired U.S. Navy Commander, and other legal clippings and news reports were shared with all present, too.

Most important of all Jacob’s message, echoed by his parents, was one of gratitude and courage. As he told us yesterday, “If this is the worst that the Commies can do, then we’ve got them beat!”