A field report from ShieldWall Network affiliate Paul Jones, New York:

In previous years I have received an invitation to the annual VDARE cocktail party in Manhattan, but never got around to going. But this year I decided to see what it was like. So on a cold evening on Fri., Dec. 8th I decided to attend.

It had a required coat and tie dress code, and I found in my closet only a rather shabby looking brown coat, a blue tie but no dress shirt. So I went to a store nearby with dress shirts selling for $270 dollars, definitely out of my price range. Luckily another place nearby, “Men’s Wearhouse,” had a special of three dress shirts for $99 dollars so that fixed me up.

On entering, I noticed no AntiFa outside. After going to the second floor I entered a large room and found that almost all were fashionably dressed with dark blue or black coats so I got some wine and quickly moved over to an area that had one person looking more like me as far as his unfashionable look.

Conversations were interesting, and I could tell that all there ranged from Alt-Lite to Alt-Right. Some of the writers seemed quite intellectual, and these were from U.S., England and Canada. I chatted mostly with readers of VDARE, and I could tell that all were somewhat upset about the trends in U.S. society and the West, but there was not the passion in their voices that I guess I had expected. Most seemed like philosophers observing “the decline of the West” but without any real hope of doing much to stop what was going on.

Ann Coulter arrived, but I never got a chance to meet her personally, even though I wanted to since I had read a couple of her books. She looked fashionable and chic, much better than photos of her that I had seen.

The gathering was interrupted about halfway through for a speech that I had trouble following since it was with a fairly heavy British accent. A girl put on a MAGA hat and Ann said that she was happy to hear that Al Franken was going to resign.

It was an interesting group overall, but I think the number of people was no more than 50 or 60, which surprised me since I thought it would be much larger. Some of the younger girls I saw reminded me of debutante types who I had known when I was growing up in Montecito, Calif., when WASP society had still not been completely swamped as later happened when the Sixties arrived.

These were people who were sophisticated for the most part, especially the more wealthy attendees at the gathering, and based on what I’ve read on the VDARE site the level of intellectual thinking is quite high. But can they really be counted on when “push comes to shove?” In reality, New York and other large cities of the U.S. are too far gone to offer any resistance to present cultural trends and if there were an economic collapse I’m sure the sophisticated types at the party would quickly get out and go to their beach houses in the Hamptons to “ride out the storm.” There were definitely no “Shield Wall Network” possibilities here.