Liberal Democrat Doug Jones won 95% of the black Vote in Alabama last night, and only 27% of the White vote. Due to the changing population of the five deep south states which have been designated as “New Africa” by Black Nationalists, that was enough for Jones to win.

What that means is that the demographic projections for the “black belt” written about in “The Balk” are already coming true. Higher black birth rates, re-migration of blacks back to the deep south, and regional migration of Whites out of the deep south to the upper south in response have made electoral politics as untenable in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina, as they became in South Africa.

Even when three-quarters of Whites are united at the ballot box, a very rare margin in any election, that’s not enough to outvote the nonWhites there, any more. Obsolete farm machinery whom the Founding Fathers never intended to be citizens or to have the vote, now rule the roost.

Judge Roy Moore soundly carried the remaining White rural areas of Alabama, as expected. A post-election results map will show what areas of the state are still White. More and more, they will largely be limited to the northern third of the state and a few coastal enclaves.

Despite the Jewish controlled media and coastal liberal onslaught against Roy Moore, with allegations of sexual impropriety in the past and a nationally orchestrated slander campaign against the conservative Republican, the race still came down to, well, race. Though White women and their vote were obviously the target of the allegations, 63% of them turned out to vote for Moore. By contrast, 98% of black women voted against him.

Rather than trying to ride the tiger and maintain long-term untenable control over the growing black and other nonWhite populations in states like Alabama, Whites remaining there are coming to realize that they will have to separate themselves out into an emerging White ethnostate, then reemerge and reconquer the lost territory at some later date, following the Balkanization of America.

It CAN be done. The cities of Birmingham and Montgomery can be reduced by siege and starved out, and the parallel “black belt” which divides the state be depopulated, but only after a protracted campaign waged with the strength of an ethnostate behind it. Secession and statewide politics are a non-starter.

Adjacent to the White area of northern Alabama where Dr. Michael Hill, President of the League of the South, lives, is the seedbed ethnostate of Franklin in East Tennessee. Don Black, the founder of the StormFront White Nationalist internet forums, is a native Alabaman, but he is making plans to bypass his home state completely and move to Eastern Tennessee, as well.

Voting at the polls is over. It’s time that Whites vote with their feet.