by Billy Roper

I just spoke with Jacob Goodwin’s mom. His preliminary hearing is over. The defense attorney, Elmer Woodard, did a great job, but the fix was in from the start. Before the lawyer even spoke a word, District Court Judge Robert Downer stated “when this goes to circuit court” in describing a procedural point, proving his mind was made up ahead of time.  Jacob’s bond request was denied, and he was held over for trial. The trial date will be set in three weeks. His parents will call me back later with more details.

The only prosecution witness called in Jacob’s hearing was one police detective whose only knowledge of the altercation was seeing the video of it afterwards. That detective attempted to blame Jacob Goodwin for the entire melee in the parking garage. Under cross-examination by Elmer Woodard, he admitted that others were violently involved before Jacob entered the fray, and that others committed more violence, including the leftist in the boonie hat who should have been charged, rather than Jacob, according to Woodard.

The skilled defense attorney helped guide Jacob’s parents through the courthouse experience, despite a heavy media presence and shrill, screaming leftists cursing at them outside. The Goodwins then had an opportunity to visit the parking garage and see the spot where the permitted free speech advocates were violently attacked by the black thugs, all of whom have now been released.

Likewise, despite several defense witnesses who testified that they were in fear for their life from the flame-thrower wielding black criminal Corey Long, the judge claimed that Richard Preston’s firing of a warning shot to stop the attack was not justified, and held him over for trial without bond, as well.

James Alex Fields Jr.’s hearing is now underway.