(from an open e-mail to a Libertarian)
…”The fact that our most obvious enemies are in a state of apoplexy against Trump does not mean as much as one might think.
It was the same way with Nixon, for instance.
Nixon was a mortal enemy to us.  Time does not permit a longer recitation of what he did but just a handful should suffice:
-He created reverse discrimination and quota hiring through his “Philadelphia Plan” that he devised for the express purposes of helping big business screw over White workers and simultaneously giving special privileges to unqualified non-whites. (One of the many examples of the superficially strange marriage of greed to lower class, anti-White racism.)  Lyndon Johnson didn’t do this.  It was Nixon who took the “do not discriminate” purpose of the Civil Rights Bill and turned it into a massive governmental intrusion into hiring in every significant business in America based on a policy that “you will discriminate against Whites and in favor of Regime Support Groups, i.e. the organized anti-White minorities.)
-He transformed “school desegregation” by turning it into “school integration.”  Libertarians such as yourself consistent with their ideology could support the idea of ending governmentally enforced segregation by replacing it with the idea that if a child lived in a school district, he should be allowed to attend the closest school, i.e. the school in his district of residence.  Nixon and his Justice Department took the Civil Rights Bills desegregation mandate and replaced it with one under which schools would be racially balanced by mass federally enforced school busing.  District schools were smashed nationwide at Nixon’s behest.  Nixon and his Attorney General Mitchell brought more busing suits than any President since.  Mixing of the races in the schools achieved its apex under his Presidency.***(see postscript)
-He asserted federal power to impose wage and price controls in peacetime, to dictate to American businessmen and workers what labor could be paid and what could be charged for their products in the stores.  He was a kind of modern day Diocletian.  Socialists could only dream of their FDR, JFK or LBJ implementing their ideology to such an extent.
-He recognized Red China and dropped our relationship with the Nationalist Chinese on Taiwan.  I don’t give a damn about that and you probably don’t either.  It always seemed to me that foreign policy should recognize the facts on the ground.  Red China was clearly the ruler of China, not a morally and economically preferable government on a small island with a population barely 1% of that of the Mainland.  Britain quite sensibly recognized reality and established relations with Red China almost immediately upon the end of the Chinese Civil War.  However, recognition of Mao’s government and dropping Chiang should have been pleasing to the large element in our country that was then and still is covertly pro-communist.  But it got Nixon no favors from the Left and the Liberal Establishment.
Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., recognized what a great President Nixon was for the Left.  He wrote an article for The New Republic that summed it up: “Conservatives get the talk.  We get the action.”
White Americans didn’t understand this.  They continued to support the very guy who was causing them to get fired from their jobs and replaced by less competent Blacks, busing their kids to predominantly Black schools an hour or more away from home, screwing them over by freezing their wages by presidential diktat while inflation continued to surge due to irresponsible government spending and flying to China to have tea with good old Mao.
The reason Whites and “conservatives” kept putting the “We Support the President” bumper stickers on their cars was the fact that the hippies in the New Left as well as Dan Rather and the liberal media kept yammering away about how “far right’ Nixon was and how “fascism” was taking over the country.
This dichotomy – the 2 teams on the political football field – is critical to the System.  It is critical to the System that its White victims stay plugged in, that they keep on identifying with one of the teams the System owns.  It is still important, although not critical, to the System that left-footed sheep likewise believe that they face a frightening opposing team on the field, a team of “fascists”, “racists”, “Nazis”, “White Supremacists”, “Anti-Semites”, “homophobes”, etc.
I note the following about Trump:
1. All of his sexually mature children are either married to Jews or involved with Jews.  His beautiful daughter Ivanka is married to Kushner, a Jew from the bottom drawer of the Jewish community, a family literally part of the Jewish criminal caste.  She shed her religion like you or I would change coat.  Her religion and her racial and ethnic identity meant nothing to her.  Her siblings likewise seem to have been raised in a household in which their historic racial, ethnic and religious identity meant less than nothing.
How can one trust someone who reared his children to turn out like this?
When I was a high school student, our family did not permit its children to date Roman Catholics much less Jews.  Contrary to the idea that this was “bigotry”, it came from our parents’ and grandparents’ sense of who they were…that they were Presbyterians, descended from Presbyterian martyrs, English and Scottish, Anglos with a language, literature, culture, etc. with which they identified.  This is not “bigotry.”  It’s the way healthy, normal people are supposed to feel.  Healthy, normal Roman Catholics felt the same way. So do healthy, normal Jews.  There’s nothing morally wrong with it.  The absence of such a feeling is very disturbing.  It is not a virtue. My family’s desire that we marry within our own group was not based on hating Roman Catholics or Jews.  It was based on the fact that they considered religion to be a very important matter…indeed, to them, it was the most important matter in life.  Those – like Trump – who rear their children to toss their religion into the dirty clothes hamper are not tolerant.  They have screwed up values.
[I can’t imagine what my parents would have reacted if I or one of my brothers had brought home a daughter-in-law born to the son of a Jewish gangster in jail for filming videos of his brother-in-law screwing whores he had procured for his sister’s husband’s use so as to blackmail him out of his half of a family enterprise….and if any of us had told them that in addition to all of this my parents’ grandchildren would be reared as members of a non-Christian religion.  They probably would have dropped dead wishing for an Irish Catholic daughter-in-law instead.]
It is clear that there is none of this loyalty in Trump.
How can we trust someone who does not feel in his heart any tug of loyalty to his own?
“Breathes there a man with soul so dead…?”
Yes.  Not merely “a” man but tens of millions of them and Trump appears to be in their ranks.
Why should he really care about immigration when he’s happy with a Jewish son-in-law from a criminal family bedding his daughter and siring half-Jewish children who are being reared in another religion?
2. Jared Kushner: his sleaze-familied son-in-law is the most important man in the White House next to Trump himself.
If anything good can come from an administration substantially directed by someone like Kushner, then everything I think I know about history and the way the world works will be disproven.
3. Look at how Trump has framed the immigration debate?
All the pyrotechnics of leftist, minority vilification of Trump on this issue – an example of the opposition you cite as indicating Trump’s legitimacy.
But look at the “issue” that has provoked all the commotion:
The issue is whether there should be a 90 day moratorium on immigration from 7 Muslim countries.
Is that our issue?
No!  Our issue – the REAL issue – is whether our country is going to become a third world nation by being colonized by non-whites many of whom have religions and cultures completely alien to our own.
The issue needs to be framed in that manner….not as a one time 90 day moratorium on 7 countries that account for a bare trickle of the immigration tsunami flooding the country.
Could our enemies have hoped for anything better than framing the issue in such an inconsequential way?
Anyway, I am not certain that Trump is no good.  I’m watching events.
But all of these are very significant and disturbing factors.
And the hysteria from the left half of the System’s helot base is not probative…at least in my system of epistemology.
***as for the “achievements” of the Nixon administration in accomplishing the greatest extent of race-mixing in the schools in American history, we should not forget that there are no legitimate studies showing that the mixing of the races in the school, whether by desegregation or forced integration, ever improved Black SAT scores or IQ scores.  There is no data from the experiment in its support.  The idea was that – since every race magically crossed the evolutionary finish line exactly equal after 70,000 years of evolution under different climatic conditions – if you just mixed the kids up, the Blacks and Hispanics would improve to the level of the White kids.  This has never happened.  The experiment has gone on now for 3 generations in the absence of any supporting data.”