by Billy Roper

Imagine, if you will, that you attended a legal, permitted political protest. Because of circumstances out of your control, the local city government had decided to allow and even force the two contending sides together in order to spark violence. The plan was for local law enforcement to stand down, letting the situation devolve into conflict, then use that as an excuse to declare a state of emergency and cancel the protest.

You’re ordered to disperse, and leave the area. On the way out people are being maced and pepper-sprayed, attacked with flame throwers, and hit with baseball bats and mag lights and bricks all around you. It’s a running battle to get back to your car. You get separated from your friends and everyone on your side in the confusion. Fight or flight response kicks in. You’re close to panic, and just want out. You’re not familiar with the city or the streets, or the quickest exit.

Despite the state of emergency being declared and everyone on both sides being told to leave, the streets in front of you are filled with loud, angry, violent mobs. You think of Reginald Denny, and the numerous other cases of White people being dragged from their vehicles and beaten half to death by similar mobs. You remember Jamie Urton. Suddenly people begin hitting the back of your car with poles, attacking it. You are in fear for your life. You hit the gas, trying to escape.

Why is it, in such a dramatic and newsworthy case, not a single controlled media outlet has interviewed James Fields? Do they fear humanizing him, or hearing the young man’s side of the story?

Why did anti-White biased District Court Judge Robert Downer raise one of the charges against Mr. Fields from second degree to first degree murder at his hearing on the 14th? Was it to apply more pressure on the defendant to plea to a lesser charge so the case won’t come to trial?

When a black male commits vehicular homicide his sentence is no more than a few years in jail. No doubt he’s out by that time, paroled by a legal system leaning so far to the left it’s about to collapse. If the law still mattered, we are supposed to be guaranteed equal protection under it.

The millionaire hipster who largely organized and promoted the Unite The Right rally has expressed and demonstrated more empathy and support for the fat mudshark who died, than for any of the defendants who sit in jail because of his event.

Please take a few minutes and write a letter of encouragement and support or a Christmas card to James Alex Fields, Jr. #631438, 160 Peregory Lane, Charlottesville, VA., 22902. Don’t be afraid to defend him. Any of us behind that wheel would have likely done the exact same thing.