by Billy Roper

Whether the trigger for the breakup of the United States is an economic downturn, natural disaster, large scale riots, insurrection, an external war, or a secession movement by sanctuary states which the federal government simply lacks the will to forcefully oppose, the result will be a vacuum of power in some regions from the national level. State and local governments will become more autonomous, and in some cases completely independent. They will be free to form new alliances, or even desperate to do so.

When America begins to balkanize, some locations will invite in outside help. Large Chinese communities on the West Coast, from Vancouver to the San Francisco Bay area, and including the Pacific Northwest where they are the largest growing population, may invite in Chinese “humanitarian” efforts spearheaded by the Chinese military, which will generously offer to aid and assist there since the U.S. government will no longer be able to guarantee the safety of Chinese citizens living on the West Coast.

Further south, Mexican majority areas in southern California or in border states all the way to Texas may invite in Mexican army protection, or even Cartel forces, to provide security. If Canada is less effected, they may be asked to help by overwhelmed local officials in the Great Lakes region.

Perhaps of most concern to many Americans is the potential threat by United Nations “peacekeeping” troops. The good news is that they would likely prioritize their missions to secure the densely populated, diverse Mid-Atlantic region from Boston to Richmond. Megalopolis and other urban islands would be more than they could handle, as their experience trying to control the antagonists during the Yugoslavian civil war demonstrated.

In terms of thinking like our enemies do, what would be the mission goals of U.N. peacekeepers?

  1. Controlling the national capitol, for the appearance of legitimacy in acting in concert with the rump state of the remnant federal government. Secondarily, this also would allow the multinational forces involved free access to every remaining U.S. intelligence resource and asset, including every military and technology secret which the federal government maintained. Tertiarilly, regions still ostensibly loyal to the federal government would become tacitly under their control, indirectly, as well.

2. United Nations peacekeeping forces would graciously take into their protective custody stockpiles and deposits of precious metals and items of value from art to industry. Organized removal for safekeeping would outstrip individual looting by the peacekeepers themselves. Much of this would be shipped back home. The makeup of the U.N. peacekeepers, whether they were from the E.U. or from African nations, or from India or China, et cetera, would dictate where they ended up, as well as how the native population in the area would be treated. Taxation of local resources, including crops and livestock and labor, would increasingly be protected, to offset the peacekeeper’s expenses for services rendered. This would result in a feudal system of subservience to the foreign occupiers.

As happened in the former Yugoslavia and so many other places where the United Nations have intervened, the rising ethnostates in a balkanized America may find themselves in direct conflict with blue helmets, even to the extent of being bombed and attacked militarily. They will be our enemies.

Some may believe that the potential involvement of U.N. peacekeeping forces in the United States is far-fetched. It may smack of black-helicopter conspiracy theory. However, even now, some local officials in areas of America where law and order have broken down are inviting them in.

Cook County Commissioner said leaders in Chicago and Cook County have failed to protect many communities from violent crime…

(CBS Chicago) Some politicians in the past have recommended deploying the National Guard to help Chicago quell gun violence, but Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin went even further on Thursday, suggesting the United Nations perhaps send in peacekeepers in the face of what he called a “quiet genocide.”

He made this recommendation while meeting with the United Nations official in charge of peacekeeping missions.

Now, imagine if the federal government was severely weakened, and couldn’t, or wouldn’t, say “no”?

Prepare to shoot at blue helmets when America goes down.