During a SHTF, collapse scenario, what if you were deputized and called upon by your local Sheriff to help protect and defend local community resources from thieves and looters? Would you know where to begin?

In THIS ARTICLE, we identified some of the community assets and resources which might need to be defended, in place or by removal if necessary.

Here are my personal responses to this mental exercise:

Here in Stone County, the small convenience stores would be well defended by the families which own them. The two largest warehouses would be the back rooms of the Harps grocery store and the Super Wal-Mart, especially the latter. Its location and construction makes it difficult to defend: lots of glass doors, multiple door loading dock, in the center of town. Moving the food to a more defensible position protect it would be a more viable option. For that, there are two local U-haul truck rental places that would be the best choice for food transport on short notice.

There are National Guard armories in Mountain Home and Batesville, each about an hour away. Access to them would require interjurisdictional cooperation with law enforcement in those counties, which would have first dibs. The nearest electricity production facility is the hydroelectric dam north of Heber Springs, and there is another one an hour north at Lake Norfolk. However, the area is blessed with several year-round creeks and streams for fresh water and potential small-scale hydroelectric harnessing.

The only regional gasoline storage is at each individual filling station, as well as at one nearby trucking operation, but there are larger propane suppliers with their tanks in the County. Moving the propane would likely require filling their delivery trucks and transporting it that way.

How does your area stack up?

Here is a report from central Arkansas:

It is pretty safe to assume that the majority of the food distribution warehouses in central Arkansas will be lost to the niggers since they are in Little Rock and North Little Rock. Conway might have one or two. Those will most likely be no go zones without some mortars, A-10 warthogs and napalm. Electricity will play a role in this as well so all perishable food facilities should either be secured immediately or marked as lost causes. Searcy has a Walmart regional distribution facility with a rather small nigger population than can be contained. It also has a small Lando’Frost facility as well, I believe. Batesville contains several processing facilities mostly involving chicken I believe. Stuttgart has huge rice silos for Riceland which provides I believe 1/3 of the worlds rice but they have a sizable nigger population per capita there. Lonoke, England, Carlisle, Des Arc and Hazen also have sizable silo facilities for various dry goods, mostly soy beans and rice. This is all stuff off the top of my head mostly..

The regional fuel depot is also located on the outskirts of North little Rock. I think the majority of the State’s fuel is distributed out of this facility. Union Pacific Rail Road has a million gallon diesel tank on their North Little Rock yard but that is in the middle of the ghetto. Both of those facilities are connected to the Houston pump line I believe…”