A special ShieldWall Network Community Service Announcement begins the show this week, offering sound advice for patriots on how to avoid legal issues, even when agents provocateur are at play. Refusing self-incrimination is not just your right, it’s a great idea, as well!

In the last The Roper Report broadcast for 2017, Billy discusses ‘The Memphis Mafia’, the corrupt White renegade and Black anti-White politicians and activists who conspired to have the Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest and Jefferson Davis statues removed from their parks, under the cover of darkness. Along the way he talks about his memories and thoughts on Memphis in general and the statues in particular. Billy wishes good health to those who worked to remove the statues, so they can live to face justice when America balkanizes.

The location and future allocation of local assets and resources for the benefit of our communities is a major consideration for those wishing to prepare for an uncertain future, and a major ongoing project of The ShieldWall Network. Whether against United Nations peacekeeping forces or looters, our people will look to us for protection and leadership when balkanization happens. With that in mind,
Billy gives everyone a homework assignment for the last few days of 2017.

Presented by Billy Roper

The Roper Report: The Memphis Mafia – TRR 122717

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