Gayle Rose, the divorced former wife of the recently deceased Jewish casino and hotel millionaire, Michael Rose, put up money she inherited from her dead ex, personally, to finance the desecration of the graves of General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife. The money was used to form the fake private shell company called Memphis GreenSpace in October of this year.  It was this private entity which was used to “buy” the two public parks from the city of Memphis so that the statues of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest and Confederate President Jefferson Davis could be illegally removed. The token nigger figurehead of Memphis Greenspace is  Van Turner, who is a stepandfetchit Shelby County Commissioner.

Rose is a carpetbagging Yankee immigrant to Memphis, of course. Since she gladly got in bed with a Jew, it’s not surprising that she is just as eager to get in bed with obsolete farm machinery for this anti-White scheme. She has actively participated in protests against the monuments, and showed up to cheer when the statue honoring President Davis was removed under the cover of darkness.

Gayle Rose is a wealthy liberal activist who finances feminist and nonWhite causes through an organization named after her deceased son, Max, who died at the age of nineteen in an automobile accident. None of those charities, however, focus on the dangers of underage drunk driving, or not wearing one’s seat belt. Business Tennessee magazine has named her as one of the 100 most powerful people in the state, even before she inherited wealth from her deceased ex- husband.

“For Gayle Rose, this is deeply personal, especially after she visited her son’s grave two weeks ago and found a Confederate flag stuck in it.

“It was very offensive to me to have Confederate flag on my sons grave,” she said. (sic)

So, how would the shriveled up bitch feel if somebody sold the cemetery her son Max is buried in through a secret, after hours meeting, so they could dig him up and chunk his rotting corpse somewhere else? Maybe we can find out. Ironically, Max currently resides in the same cemetery where Gen. Forrest and his wife are scheduled to be moved. So, people who visit their graves at Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis in the future, once they are moved, can also easily pay their respects to William Maxwell Rose at the same time.

“In a community that’s 67 percent African-American, he should not be standing there. He was put there in 1964 to intimidate them,” Rose continued, talking about the Davis statue. “And this kind of hate, symbols of hate have to come down this year.”

Based on her logic, there should be no Holocaust memorials in any communities which are not majority Jewish.

At noon on Saturday, January 6th, supporters of the heritage, history, and people which Gayle Rose wants to erase will gather at Health Sciences park on Union Avenue in Memphis, the former location of the Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest statue, where he and his wife are still buried. All White Nationalists and pro-Confederate patriots are invited to join us there.

Get there first, with the most.