At noon on Saturday, January 6th, a large rally protesting the illegal removal of the General Nathan Bedford Forrest and President Jefferson Davis statues from Memphis will be held at Health Sciences park on Union Avenue in Memphis.

Health Sciences park is circled in red on the accompanying map.

Many different organizations are involved in this event, from pro-Confederate heritage advocates to the hard right. However, it will be a much less cucked and degenerate big tent overall than ones which were involved in the planning and organizing of past events, such as Charlottesville. All White Nationalists and Alt Right are invited to stand together on Saturday, January 6th, in Memphis. Nationally known leaders and speakers as well as local and state political figures have expressed interest in attending and speaking. Other related events in protest of the statue removal will be held throughout the city over the weekend, as well.

Please share the event on social media, e-mail, and to all your contacts.

Noon. Saturday, January 6th. Health Sciences park, Union Avenue, Memphis.

Rally For Forrest!

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