by Billy Roper

The correct way to define victory in a rally or protest is whether all of your rally participants got home safely, without being injured or arrested. The ‘Rally For Forrest’ had zero casualties, either way, due to the exhaustive logistical planning and tight control involved.

Most importantly, the purpose of a rally is not necessarily to bring more people than the other side, though in this case we certainly did. Rather, the purpose of a rally is to get your message out. One does that by drawing the controlled media to the rally, then giving as many live interviews to them as possible, both one on one and press conference style. Considering the dozens of media outlets reporting on the ‘Rally For Forrest’, in that aspect it was an overwhelming victory, too.

Literally hundreds of thousands of people, our people, will hear the message of White racial survival through the media reports, and if they listen between the lines they can then, if they are ready, contact us directly absent the controlled media filter. At the same time, they are encouraged by the demonstration that they are not alone. Some people still are willing to stand up for our race, despite the odds or the numbers involved. Some of us are not afraid.

Here are four short videos taken at the successful event:

Gathering Storm

Rally Point Reached

First short speech: Rally For Forrest

Victory in Memphis!

Thank you to the true heroes who stood with me and did not desert, and to God who blessed, protected, and watched over us. Welcome to the many new people contacting us for the first time, now.