I want to thank the many Confederate supporters who have e-mailed and contacted me on social media with their support and interest since the victorious ‘Rally For Forrest’ in Memphis, as well as those who actually left the motorcade to join us, because they found it boring, as this new Daily News article this evening describes.

“At one point, two of those involved in the Confederate caravan came to the protest area by the park to talk with Roper and members of his group. One of the two said he had tired of driving around the interstate.

Before Saturday, Roper had said in online posts that his group’s effort would be more focused on white nationalism than a “big tent” of related causes.

“This is not just about marble and granite. They want to make us extinct,” Roper said in a bullhorn address in the protest area. “It’s not just about the Confederacy or about history or heritage or culture. It’s not about the Civil War … It’s about the civil war that is coming to America again.”

Roper’s group unfurled a banner a half block west of the western border of Health Sciences Park reading “Diversity = White Genocide.”

“We’re not going to go quietly,” Roper said. “We’re not going to be erased.”

In another interview he referred to “our founding fathers, who were white nationalists.”

Roper led his group in singing a verse of Dixie…”

The Tennessee Journal reports that the few Antifa who weren’t too scared to come out made sure that they showed up hours late, after the rally had already long ended, and all that the handful of Buffalina Black Lives Matter bitches of both genders could do is try to scrawl down our license plate numbers as we left. Since they never invented a written alphabet on their own, that’s clearly cultural appropriation. Cultural appropriation is wrong.

It will take some time to absorb the new members into the ShieldWall Network after they have been vetted, but rest assured that we will get to all of you, and we appreciate your patience as you become a part of our family.